Create, manage and share all your export documents, transport bookings and customs clearances.

Our unique platform allows you to create, manage and share all your trade documents and certificates. You can also generate and send transport bookings to forwarders and carriers. Create and submit export declarations to customs authorities with the click of a button. Invite and notify your trade partners making it easy to share documents and information with customers.


Everything in one place.

No more re-keying of data into e-mails, different systems and templates. Instead, we re-use existing order data to automate your trade processes making everything fit in a coherent workflow.  Having everything in one place makes it so much easier to manage your consignments and trade documents.


Avoid costly mistakes.

We increasing your operational efficiency and help you avoid costly mistakes. Better trade compliance will help you reduce the risk of delayed or block shipments, together with improved communications this will increase your customer satisfaction.


Integrated or stand-alone service.

We have an interface based on ISO-standards to support ERP-integrations and data exchange, allowing export and re-use of your order data in an easy and secure fashion.
You can also use our portal, as a stand-alone service, then you just need Internet connection and a browser to get started.


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We Support International Standards

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