Endorsements & Expert Statements.

port-smallExperts states:

      • Paper-Free can reduce documentation cost by up to 70%  –  Sitpro
      • 30-50% of all Customs Entries are misclassified  – Auditor General Canada
      • 62% considered “Major transactional Discrepancies – US Customs Service 2001 Trade Compliance report
      • 60% error rate in EU declarations – EU Customs Authorites 2013-2014
      • 50-54% error rate in EU declarations – Danish Customs Authorites (SKAT) 2013-2014

60% of companies can’t manage their global supply chain in a global manner, despite the fact that 68% had invested in ERP, SCM, WMS, and other technologies they consider “advanced”.

#1 Issue: Global trade’s longer lead times threaten on-time delivery (64% of companies surveyed).
#2 Issue: Global trade logistics make it hard to calculate accurate total landed and other logistics costs. (Non-chemical and non-industrial companies cited this as their #1 issue.)

 – BDP International, St. Joseph’s University