How does ClearView Trade work?


Get it right first time
The most efficient way to move goods from A to B is to comply with the standards. And the fastest and most efficient way to move goods from A to B is to supply the correct data the first time, as missing or incorrect trade data causes delays and administrative overhead.

Our unique workflow captures all the data required to trade internationally. Starting with the purchase order, finishing with shipping notifications and customs document,s we assist all parties to comply with international rules and regulations.


What do you need?
An Internet connection that is all you need to use ClearView Trade. There’s no need to install or download any software to use the platform. Just open your browser, create a profile, connect to your trading partners and start trading in less than 10 minutes.

All you have to do is to go through our workflow and let us take care of the standards, making sure data is collected and validated by the different parties involved in each trade.


Core functionality
ClearView Trade provides the core functionality for paper-free trade, both global and local, as well as a range of other complementary elements such as Data Security, Scalability, Messaging, Domain Knowledge – and the ability to trade with EU public institutions.

The core of our service is the data pool or data repository – this contains the product descriptions, partner profiles, the harmonised tariff codes and the consignment records. The data pool is accessed by end users via a Web interface, for product creation and management, to link tariff codes to products, to create and manage consignments and to request outputs.

ClearView Trade provides the core invoicing functionality for paper-free trade so our users (buyers and sellers) can “tidy up” their documentation into one set of globally standard harmonized high quality e-trade data, which is then passed onto intermediaries (transport, finance) and authorities (customs & excise). Because the e-trade data is created, managed and stored in a central collaborative online system, its integrity is ensured end-to-end with a complete audit trail.

Everything you need for building a next-generation E-Trade Hub:

  • UN and WCO-based
  • SWIFT-compliant
  • Open standards-based technology
  • Lowest cost delivery model (SaaS)


Smooth integration
Our integration package allows you to set up integration between ClearView Trade and your ERP-system in a fast and efficient way. The integration package allows you to exchange various trade documents between ClearView Trade and your ERP or legacy systems. And no changes are necessary to your existing IT systems to set up the integration.

Our integration package is sold at fixed price, keeping your costs low and predictable.