Onboarding & Support Team

ClearView Trade helps you get started. As part of our onboarding process, we can help you get set-up and demonstrate how to use our platform.

The onboarding service:

  • Introduction to the service and features
  • Advise and help on how to get the most out of going paperless
  • Uploading product catalogue or entering products manually
  • Setup your organisation and invite colleagues
  • Contacting your trade partners and logistic service providers, introducing and inviting them to trade with you.
  • Help you initiate your first trade
  • Help you on how to use ClearView together with your accountancy system or other systems


Our onboarding service includes all companies that sign up.

shutterstock_144275518-smallThe service also includes all your trading partners (customers, vendors, freight forwarder etc.). We reach out to your trading partners and help them to get set-up and ready to trade.

The onboarding service is free of charge. We believe this gives you a unique opportunity to streamline your digital supply chain and reap the benefits of having all trade data and partners in on place.




How do you get in touch with us.
shutterstock_114892888-smallOur support team is ready to assist you, please use the chat or send us an e-mail.