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Efficient trading starts with aligning your trade data. We bring all your trading partners and data into one place.

ClearView Trade is a new way of trading. You can create, share and align your trade data in an easy and efficient way. When you use our platform there is one set of trade data, keeping double entries to a minimum.

Buyers, Sellers, Importers, Exporters, Freight Forwards, Transporters etc. can produce and share data to ensure that trade data is aligned throughout the digital supply chain.

There is only one version of the truth, meaning you do not have orders and invoices spread across different emails, attachments and applications.

It is easy to get started.

RegisterAn Internet connection that is all you need to use ClearView Trade. You do not need to install or download any software to use the platform. Open your browser, can create a profile, connect to your trading partners and start trading in less than 10 minutes.

Our onboarding team is ready to assist you, please use the chat to contact us or send us an email.

Manage your digital supply chain with unprecedented flexibility and agility.

It is easy to invite and connect to your trading partners. You can connect to trading partners in no time, which gives you an unprecedented flexibility and agility.

You just send an invitation to connect.

The most efficient way to move goods from A to B is to comply with the standards.

The fastest and most efficient way to move goods from A to B is to supply the correct data the first time, as missing or incorrect trade data causes delays and administrative overhead.

Our unique workflow captures all the data that is required to trade internationally and in the EU. Starting with the purchase order, finishing with shipping notifications and customs documents we assist all parties in complying with international rules and regulations.

We care about international data standards. You do not need to worry them.

You have the freedom to focus on your business. We are specialists in standards such as World Customs Organisation (WCO) UN/CEFACT, ISO and CEN.

All you have to do is to go through our workflow and we will take care of the standards, making sure data is collected and validated by the different parties involved in a trade.

Streamlined communications builds better relationships and allows you to react to events in your supply chain.

ClearView Trade streamline your trading process, with built-in notifications you can stay on top of things and monitor your digital supply chain in an easy way. You can customize your settings and receive notifications based on different events such as order approval, movement of goods etc.

Trade documents that comply with international standards.

declaration-smallUsing ClearView Trade you can easily produce, store and manage trade documents that comply with international standards. Here are some of the documents: Order, Invoice, Shipping Notifications, Customs Documents…