Why ClearView Trade?


ClearView Trade collects, validates, and manages your trading data.

International trading isn’t easy. One of the ‘key’ problems is that trading partners use different formats and data standards. So documents are often exchanged as e-mail attachments using different formats such as PDFs or spreadsheets. And there’s a lot of re-entering data into the next system. And the next… To make things worse, important information such as TARIC codes often goes missing, too.

ClearView eliminates inefficient and fragmented trade processes, bringing all your trading partners and data into one place. We help you to comply with official customs standards, and ensure all the data you need is present and correct.

It’s easier than you might think!
Using ClearView Trade you can easily produce, store and manage trade documents that comply with international standards, such as order, invoice, shipping notifications, customs documents and more.

Our solution streamlines your trading process, with built-in notifications so you can stay on top of things, easily monitoring your digital supply chain. You can also customize your settings and receive notifications based on different events such as order approval, movement of goods or similar.

Are you ready for the new trading paradigm?
Governments and international institutions are rapidly enforcing digital standards. In fact, there’s a paradigm shift underway, with the EU, the USA and China all passing laws that demand traders declare their goods digitally.

EU’s new customs legislation, which recently came into force:

Assigns the responsibility for filling correct customs declarations to the EU importers and exporters (not the freight forwarders)
Demands that all goods entering the EU must be declared in advance
Requires that declarations must be delivered electronically, complying with EU standards
Provides customs authorities with authority to withhold goods and issue fines to traders not complying with these requirements

ClearView Trade helps you to comply with international standards like these – and we can help you streamline every aspect of your trading tasks.