69% user satisfaction gives strong NPS-score

You have come across them before – a selection of colored smileys that rank from an angry, red grimace to an amused, green smile. They are found in physical stores and even more frequently online, asking for anything from a single click to multiple answers on a questionnaire.

When you, the consumer, press a colored smiley or answer a given question, you express your satisfaction – an information that is completely invaluable to modern businesses.

We, at ClearView Trade, are no different from other modern businesses, because we also seek feedback from our users and customers, which is why we send out satisfaction-surveys from time to time – and the responses help us make the platform even better.

Our latest satisfaction survey has given us an NPS-score of 58, a score that ranks significantly higher than the industry average (which lies in the early 30’s).

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NPS and why we use it

NPS is short for ‘Net Promoter Score’ and is used to measure customers’ experience of a given product. The customer is presented a list of questions that seek to categorize them within one of three possible customer-types: Promoters, passives and detractors.

When the survey is completed, the NPS-score is calculated by detracting the amount of ‘detractors’ from the amount of ‘promoters’.


(Flip 🡸)

The golden category of customers who are very satisfied with the product and who are very likely to recommend it to colleagues and friends. This customer-group raises the NPS-score.


(Flip 🡹)

Customers who are not particularly excited nor unsatisfied with the product. These customers do not affect the NPS-score.


(Flip 🡺)

Customers who are not particularly happy with the product and who do not intend to recommend it to others. This customer-group lowers the NPS-score.

We use the surveys to examine how we can improve our product, The ClearView Trade platform, and they also offer a unique opportunity to ask the specific user what he/she loves- or dislikes about the platform.

Our biggest wish is to move all of our customers to the ‘promoter’-category, but the harsh reality is, that different people have different expectations when it comes to any given product, whether it be a piece of clothing, a bottle of wine or a digital software-solution for importing and exporting. That being said, we are incredibly proud of our latest survey, because it turns out that we are far closer to achieving our goal than we had dare hoped.

Our Sales Director from the Customer-Success department, Poul Andersen, explains that it is extremely important to collaborate with the customers when developing the platform:

Poul Andersen from ClearView Trade
Poul Andersen from ClearView Trade

“We are in close collaboration with our customers, and we always prioritize asking about their processes so we can guarantee a workflow that meets their specific needs”

– Poul Andersen, Sales Director

– Poul Andersen, Sales Director

3 tips – how to make customers love you

Our approach to product development and -maintenance largely involves user involvement, and we are certain that this fact is reflected in the NPS-surveys. Here are 3 good tips to involving your customers in the development of your product:

  • Ask about the customer’s processes – it will make it easier to accommodate their specific needs

  • Ask for feedback from the customers when new processes are implemented

  • Involve the customers in the decision making process (E.g. by creating focus groups, workshops, webinars, etc.)

Happy users and high industry-score

Our current NPS-score is at 58, a number that is considerably higher than the average score in our industry, an average that falls in the early 30’s.

Our high NPS-score can serve as proof of the credibility of our product and our business as a whole. You can rest assured that the platform is always being updated on behalf of the opinions and statements of the users.

Our latest survey received more than 400 responses, a number that we are fairly satisfied with, as it allows us to form an accurate opinion of the platform’s current state and function.

Our platform is also used by the Danish chambers of commerce (Dansk Erhverv, Dansk Industri, etc.) who facilitate it to their members. The result of our latest survey therefore also includes answers from the members of the Danish chambers of commerce. Poul Andersen confirms that sparring with the chambers is important for the development of the platform:

Graph showing average NPS-score for different industries

“It is important for us to receive feedback from the chambers of commerce, as they are the ones issuing the certificates of origin created on the platform. The feature therefore needs to be updated and maintained with the help of the chambers”

– Poul Andersen, Sales Director

“Would you recommend the platform to a friend or colleague?” That was, approximately, the wording of our latest survey. The result shows that 69% of the respondents are in the ‘promoter’-category and that 20% are ‘passives’. We are hereby able to place almost three quarters of the respondents in the golden category, which raises the NPS-score significantly.

Images of different surveys from the ClearView Trade platform

(Examples of different surveys that have been used on the platform)

Different surveys give deeper insight

We are always creating new surveys so we can stay updated on our customers’ wishes and issues. New users are constantly added to the platform. It is therefore important for us to be in close collaboration with the many companies on the platform, as they operate in different industries and use the platform for different things. Poul from Customer Success once again confirms, that sparring with the customers is vital when developing the platform:

“We always prioritize suggestions from the customers, and we are developing the functionality of the platform on the basis of their feedback”

– Poul Andersen, Sales Director

Surveys like these are invaluable when running a digital platform, and we always aim to release them in a manner that makes sense to us but does not disturb the users on the platform.

Our gratitude cannot be overstated – because we are completely aware of the fact that users are not interested in being bothered with surveys and questionnaires every time they log in to the platform. We are therefore always eager to make it a bit more interesting for the users, for example by rewarding a few respondents with some movie tickets.

We are always developing the platform

Based on the many answers on the surveys, we can improve the platform regularly, so it meets the needs and expectations of our customers. Even though we are very excited about the many positive responses, we always have a huge focus on the customers in the ‘passives’- and ‘detractors’-categories. We want, if possible, to move these users to the positive end of the scale and thereby improve their experience with the platform.
The needs and demands of the customers vary widely, and our Customer Success-team is always working hard to solve issues in collaboration with our Technology- and Product Management-teams. In other words: Our job is only done when any given user is happy with the platform and can use it to the extend, they need.

We are constantly improving the existing features on the platform, but we also spend a considerable amount of time developing new elements that can make it even better. Our yearly user conference is one of the initiatives that gives us a lot of insight:

“At our yearly user conference, we receive feedback on our future logistics platform from some of our biggest customers. It greatly helps us develop functions that brings value to the people using the platform in their daily life”

– Poul Andersen, Sales Director

Experience what the ClearView Trade platform can do for you

The satisfaction-surveys are beneficial for us a company and for you as a user. We receive a lot of invaluable feedback on our product, and the users are offered a direct way of influencing the development of the platform.
You are always welcome to contact us if you have any specific ideas or if you are experiencing issues with the platform.

It is extremely easy to get started on the platform and there are many benefits to reap when working with import, export and logistics. You can fill out all your documents and certificates digitally, book transport, report customs and much more – all on one platform. Read more about the functions on the platform here.

About ClearView Trade

  • We help some of Denmark’s biggest food production companies: Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen, Palsgaard, FF Skagen, etc.

  • We assist 85% of the danish export

  • We have more than 6.000 active users on our platform

  • We help more than 4.000 export companies deliver goods all over the world

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