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Everyday life is becoming more and more digital. This is especially evident in the transport industry, where GPS has for a long time replaced the old road maps, and the tachograph has replaced the old speed dials. Warehouse management systems, track-and-trace and electronic consignment notes are also increasingly used.

“We make it easier and simple to export goods worldwide,” is ClearView Trade’s motto. On our platform, exporters and freight forwarders can gather their export documents in one place. Freight forwarders typically have their own portal that exporters can use; but an export company may use five or six different freight forwarders. A lot of time is spent on different portals to manage export activities.

ClearView Trade helps companies integrate their freight forwarders. That means a free EDI connection. This way, they have just one portal that contains all info on their export activities.

It is a great help for the exporters but also for the freight forwarders. Today, up to 50 percent of orders are sent to the freight forwarders by mail. This means that they have to register the customers’ orders into their own system. With our portal, freight forwarders receive the customers’ orders digitally. It is a great time saver for the transporters. At the same time, they avoid the errors that can occur when information is registered into the system manually.

Another great advantage is that with the ClearView Trade platform companies will have all their shipping documents digitally: customs declarations, health/ food certificates, consignment notes, transport documents etc. If driver is changed along the way, papers will easily be found on the platform, and can be printed at the point of arrival. Everything is collected in one place digitally, and it is not necessary to obtain new documents if some are lost along the way.

The system can also remember the previous orders. That means the same customer who needs to book the same trip can go in and reuse his information.

ClearView Trade collaborates with Danish Chamber of Commerce, Dansk Industri, Agriculture & Food Association, and SME Danmark. They use the Export Portal to service their customers and members.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has their own system, which we also facilitate and cooperate with through our global partner CIBT for the goods and trading documents that require an embassy endorsement. This can be done through ClearView Trade platform.

Whether you are the exporter or the transporter, you should visit our website for further details on how to reduce time and costs on your export activities: www.clearviewtrade.com

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