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Jump into the founding story of ClearView Trade and discover how it all started. There are unfortunately no dragons and princesses in our story – but there is plenty of ambition, innovation and collaboration.

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Once upon a time – in 2014

I started ClearView Trade back in 2014 with a few friends. We were surprised that the process of creating- and processing export documents was so difficult and slow, and that there were so many errors when handling the documents. I remember two statistics in particular that made an impression on me: 

One statistic said that 2/3 of all data is re-entered at least once in the process, and another statistic showed that there are a lot of errors in export documents. We thought that these problems could be solved by digitization. 

We went for it. We have grown and today we have created an IT platform that can digitize and automate export documents, certificates and more. We have about 85% of Danish export companies on our platform, and we are an important piece of the puzzle in getting Danish goods out into the world. We remain passionate about digitizing exports, and there is still much to do. And the potential to take our solution abroad is huge. 

The world is not 100% digital yet. Some export documents and certificates can be exchanged digitally, while others still need to be printed, stamped and signed. Digitization is gathering pace, but we will continue to have a ‘hybrid’ state for some years to come, working with both physical and digital documents. 

Through our journey, we have learned to embrace physical documents. In the beginning, we thought everything had to be digitized. We quickly learned that it is important to take a pragmatic approach and use digitization where it makes sense. So, we developed a printing service to help exporters get export documents printed and approved in hours rather than days. 

It sounds crazy, when you think about the implications, that no one else has created a solution like ours, but of course creating a platform like ours requires a significant investment. Fortunately, we have strong investors behind us, so we’re well equipped.

What does the crystal ball say?

The world is getting greener. And more and more digital. Saving energy has become a structural problem and therefore a top priority because resources are under pressure and energy prices are soaring. It’s all water under our bridge, and that’s why we’re grateful for our position to help the re-exporters (and soon importers) out there with digital alternatives. It’s a great journey that we’re already on. And one that we hope others will be interested in jumping on too.

Morten Øllgaard

Morten Jensen Øllgaard

Co-Founder & CEO