About Clearview Trade

The ClearView Trade CEO, Morten Øllgaard, is pointing out the idea that formed the ground for the ClearView Trade platform, a unique product within international trade:

“I co-founded ClearView Trade in 2014 to address the fact that cross-border trading is a highly fragmented and error-prone process.”


At ClearView Trade, we have developed a cloud-platform that automates cross-border trade creating export documents, certificates, customs declarations and transport bookings. Everything is built into a single workflow eliminating the need to re-key data and improving compliance.

Our mission in ClearView Trade is to digitize international trade, minimize the time and resources companies use to book transportation, complete and manage export documents and certificates. Together with the ISO standardization committee, Peppol and EU e-Delivery working groups, we continuously develop new open UBL standards and a secure infrastructure within transport and logistics. In Denmark we collaborate with the ICC organizations Danish Chamber of Commerce, Danish Industry, Agriculture and Food, SMVDanmark and Customs & Tax, to offer digitized export declarations and the issuance of certificates of origin and health certificates.

ClearView Trade is a big advocate for the digitalization of International Trade. This means that our platform is constantly up to date with the new systems that are constantly being introduced as digitization takes over. We continuously develop the CVT platform in close collaboration with our customers, to ensure that the platform always meets the market’s needs and requirements.

As the future is largely digital, our vision is for the ClearView Trade platform to create an international standard for the exchange of trade documents and transport information on global level. Digitization and the creation of specialized ecosystems will be the most effective way of reducing trade costs worldwide, which will benefit all countries currently affected by COVID-19.