Export documents approved and endorsed in 1 hour

Why wait days to get your stamped- and approved physical documents back by post or courier when you can have them digitally in 1 hour? 

That’s the reality with ClearView Trade.

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Physical documents delay your shipments – and your cashflow

We have heard the story countless times: 

Exporters wait up to several days to get their approved documents back from the chambers of commerce because it is done by courier or post. 

This means, among other things, that they have no certainty about when they can continue the export process, as the papers sometimes disappear in the post. Customers have to wait patiently for their goods. This delays your cashflow because the documents are in transit on the road… And if there are changes to the shipment, the process starts all over again with new documents and new waiting time in limbo. 

Is this sustainable when there is a better alternative? No, right?

Move to the front of the bus with a digital export process

When you power up your export process, you’ll have a number of unparalleled benefits at your fingertips:

  • Get digital documents and certificates back online in 1 hour 
  • You can share real-time shipment information with your partners 
  • You can get close to your deadline because you don’t have to wait days for the mail 
  • It’s easy for your colleagues to overlap, share and help each other in a busy workday 
  • With a single view, it’s easy to see the status, plan and oversee the process 

Get started in just 1 day

If you have yet to take advantage of all the benefits of the ClearView Trade-platform, you can look forward to getting started quickly. It typically takes a day and you’re up and running. We have countless examples of this. 

And if you are currently a customer of the platform, and you use physical certificates of origin for example, just click on ‘Digital’ instead of ‘Physical’. It costs the same, but you save tons of time AND you don’t get a shipping bill from the Chamber of Commerce.

Certificates of origin and endorsement of documents in 1 hour

If you are already a customer of the platform and you order physical certificates of origin from your Chamber of Commerce, just click on ‘Digital’ instead of ‘Physical’ certificates. It costs the same, but you save tons of time, and you save money on shipping. 

You can also get your documents endorsed digitally, all you have to do is upload them via our platform and you can have the document endorsed within an hour. 

Virtually every country in the world now accepts digital certificates of origin. If you need guidance, contact us or your chamber of commerce.

CASE – Digital certificates of origin:
European Wood Corporation
Case - EWC - ClearView Trade

Read how European Wood Corporation got started with digital certificates of origin overnight, cutting days off their export workflow. 

CASE – Health certificates in just one hour:
OK Snacks
Case - OK Snacks - ClearView Trade

See how OK Snacks saved 350 km of driving and 5 hours of wasted time per week by using the ClearView Trade-platform to manage their health certificates.

Save time and money

Reach out – and we’ll help you right away.

Do you also want your documents in 1 hour?

You are welcome to book a sparring session with one of our specialists – free of charge. We will look – along with you – at how digitization can help eliminate your manual processes, reduce errors and create a fantastic overview of all your shipments. Reach out today – and start enjoying the benefits.

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