Automate and optimize your logistics and export

Manual and repetitive processes are rarely the shortcut to happy employees. Especially when the risk of errors lurks just below the surface. Errors that often have major consequences. 

When you digitize and automate complicated export processes, you make it easier for everyone involved in the processes. You also reduce administrative tasks and increase the well-being throughout your organization. 

ClearView Trade - automatiser

The robots are coming!

Our software robots automate and eliminate manual typing. We can fully- or partially automate your workflows. For example, our robots create and validate your certificates and bookings. We can also forward certificates and bookings to, for example, Chambers of Commerce, freight forwarders, printing services and authorities. In short, you decide how much of your workflow you want to automate. 

For example: Data is transferred from your ERP-system ➔ data is checked ➔ our robots create a shipment ➔ a transport booking is sent to your forwarder or shipping company ➔ at the same time a digital certificate of origin is created and sent to your chamber of commerce ➔ a customs declaration (e-Export) is made ➔ a customs invoice is created. All documents and status messages are stored in your shipment, so you (and your colleagues) keep a single overview. 

An automated workflow can consist of the following elements: 

  • Certificate of origin 
  • Data transfer from ERP or our online item catalogue 
  • Transport booking 
  • Declaration of e-Export 
  • Package list 
  • Customs invoice 

In short, it means that the platform does all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to worry about the documents you need – and automation eases the learning curve.

Fewer mistakes = happier customers = better economy

From a business perspective, you receive a lot of benefits when using our digital platform: 

  • It will be easier to retain and recruit new staff 
  • All information (documents, freight details, etc.) in one place – for a better overview and less stress 
  • Approved digital documents are available within 1 hour 
  • Sharing data with colleagues, customers and partners in real time for a great customer experience 
  • Automatic creation of relevant documents via integration saves you double- or in some cases triple work 

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