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Automation allows Palsgaard to grow without using more resources

Digitization makes Palsgaard's processes more efficient

Most companies probably dream of being able to increase turnover without having to hire new employees and without the use of extra resources. That is Palsgaard’s goal – and they have achieved that goal through the ClearView Trade platform.

Manual processes have been automated and the long waiting times have been removed, giving employees more time for other projects. The automation means, for example, that Palsgaard‘s employees receive completed food certificates within 1 hour – something that previously could take several days.

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  • The ambition is to grow the company’s size to double – but without increasing the number of resources
  • Palsgaard filled in certificates manually – which can cause errors
  • Certificates were transported physically for approval by a driver – which cost time and money
  • The ClearView Trade platform streamlines processes so that Palsgaard can grow without using more resources
  • We have created an ERP integration so that Palsgaard’s food certificates can be filled in automatically
  • Our print service ensures that the certificates are stamped, so that Palsgaard does not have to send the certificates to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
  • Palsgaard receives a completed certificate within 1 hour – before it took several days
  • The risk of errors is minimized, and the time used is significantly reduced

The ClearView Trade platform streamlines and optimizes for Palsgaard


"What we want to achieve through digitization is to expand our company to double size, while keeping the current number of resources"
Anders Brix
Group CEO - Palsgaard

Pre-filled food certificates with just 2 clicks

When employees in the Customer Service department need to create a food certificate, they can upload all data with just a few clicks. Before Palsgaard integrated the ClearView Trade platform, they spent many hours every week filling in the food certificates manually. Due to the ERP integration, Christina and her colleagues can ask the platform to upload the necessary data directly from Palsgaard’s ERP system. The food certificates are filled in immediately, and the risk for typing errors is significantly reduced.

The finished food certificate is then sent to ClearView Trade’s print service, which ensures that it is stamped and approved. The finished certificate is sent back to Palsgaard, which avoids spending time and money on sending the certificate to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.


"The situation today is that with 2 clicks we can upload automatically on ClearView system, and within one hour we have an approved food certificate"
Christina Hagh
Customer Service Manager

Creating a health certificate without the platform:

Creating a food certificate with the platform:

Extra time everyday leads to exciting new projects

Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager, heads the department that handles Palsgaard’s export. In other words, she has been in the driver’s seat throughout the collaboration with ClearView Trade. She has experienced the difference in the workflow before and after the integration with the digital platform.

The many hours saved on each individual food certificate are thrown directly into new projects in the Customer Service department. The platform’s automation therefore allows employees to solve their tasks faster, and it thereby frees up a lot of time that can be used to make the company more efficient.

Happy and motivated employees

Although Christina is happy for the efficiency obtained with CVT, she also appreciates the space the platform gives her and her colleagues. At the end of the day, there is no point in increasing efficiency if it means that employees suffer from the workload that comes with it. The ClearView Trade platform streamlines by automating, which basically means removing unnecessary, manual tasks. This gives a huge space, which can be used to solve more tasks, without the employees having to work harder.


Christina states that the ClearView Trade platform has increased her and her colleagues’ motivation. She adds that streamlining has created thriving in the department and happier employees. The digital platform makes it easy for employees to take over each other’s tasks if necessary – an important fact for Christina.

CO2-neutral by 2025 through digitization

Palsgaard has a goal of being completely CO2-neutral by 2025. It is an ambition that demands action from all departments, from production to the Customer Service department. Palsgaard can remove a lot of physical paper from the equation, every time a food certificate is created on the ClearView Trade platform. Freight back and forth to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is also unnecessary when the certificates are sent electronically between Palsgaard and ClearView Trade’s print service. Every shipment Palsgaard makes on the ClearView Trade platform helps the company reach its goal for CO2 neutrality by 2025.


"We expect with ClearView Trade to save printing, because on the long run our customers can go in and approve and collect the documents on the ClearView Trade platform. And by that, we also save on transport and the CO2 footprint on courier service"
Christina Hagh
Customer Service Manager

Automate your food export and experience the benefits

Palsgaard’s results with the ClearView Trade platform are far from unique. We help a wide range of food companies to digitize and automate their export processes. Read, for example, how everyday life became much easier for Lone in OK Snacks. She was using a courier every time a food certificate needed to be stamped by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which was 87 km from the OK Snacks’ headquarters.

Can you recognize Palsgaard’s old problems, and do you want to automate your food business? The solution is actually just a few clicks away. Getting started with the ClearView Trade platform is incredibly easy and you can start reaping the benefits as soon as your business is set up.

Read more about the platform’s features here, and contact us if you are interested in hearing how we can help your company.

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