Palsgaard digitized their export and are reaping the rewards

You may recognize the problem: You want to grow your business, but your economic situation will not allow you to hire more hands. Being in this situation, you can either force your current employees to work even harder, or you can achieve a higher efficiency through digitization.
Palsgaard raised the efficiency in their customer service- and export departments by implementing ClearView Trade’s digital platform. The platform is designed to help import-, export- and logistics companies through digitization.

“(…) we are a part of the food industry, so we require traceability, and we have a lot of batch numbers to type every week

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

Avoid documents becoming a bottleneck in your export department

The employees at Palsgaard experienced a bottleneck in their daily work process, created by the many export documents that needed to be filled out. The papers began to pile up and every document had to be filled out manually which meant that the employees did not have time to work on other projects.
The manual processes entail a risk of making mistakes which, in the worst case, means that shipments are detained and that customers will not receive their products on time.

ClearView Trade’s IT-platform for import-, export- and logistics companies has automized Palsgaard’s handling of documents and certificates which, aside from making the processes more efficient, also means that the employees no longer have to fear the occurrence of typing errors when filling out export documents.

“When we begin uploading data automatically, we are almost guaranteed that we will not make any typing errors, and we do not have to worry about our shipments not being able to enter a country because we have made a mistake in the export documents”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

Certificates are filled out automatically which reduces tied up stock

Through the help of an ERP-integration, the employees in Palsgaards customer service can fill out certificates completely automatically. When the data from a shipment is embedded in the ClearView Trade platform, it is possible to create certificates of origin, health certificates and customs documents without typing any data manually. The physical task of typing is hereby removed from the process and the margin of error is significantly reduced.

The most important thing when exporting food is to make sure that products and certificates are delivered on time, a fact that the employees at Palsgaard agree with:

“We have a huge focus on typing- and confirming orders, as we have to make sure that the customer receives the items and documents on time”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

Working with manual processes, the handling of documents and certificates becomes comprehensive and time consuming. Every time the employees at Palsgaard had to create a certificate, there was a large amount of waiting involved which meant that the items were sitting in the warehouse until the certificate was finished.
Today, documents are filled out automatically which takes less time, reduces tied up stock and removes a lot of transportation expenses from the preparation process. The ClearView Trade portal is designed to exponentially decrease the amount of time you use on creating documents and certificates, as you can add more and more tasks to your digital workflow on the platform.

“We can spot a lot of benefits, and the process becomes very interesting to us, now that we can create multiple certificates at once”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

Weekly time spent on creating documents and certificates decreases when you add more types of documents to your digital workflow

The ClearView Trade platform provides a complete overview of all tasks

The employees at Palsgaard received a collective overview of all parts of the export process when they began using the ClearView Trade platform. All shipments, documents, certificates and transport information are gathered on the portal, and the receiver of the shipment can access the documents that Palsgaard decide to share with them. The communication between the different parties is vastly improved with this type of overview and file sharing, which also results in a heightened customer satisfaction.

Forced to work from home? Not a problem with the ClearView Trade platform

The platform offers a unique flexibility that allows employees to access each other’s tasks if a colleague is absent on a given day.
The digital platform also allows employees to work from home, for example during Covid-19, from where they can fill out- and access the same documents and certificates as in the office.

Discover the benefits and switch to digital import- and export documents

The Palsgaard employees made a cost-benefit-analysis when they were trying to figure out whether the collaboration with ClearView Trade would be beneficial or not, and they quickly realized that there were large amounts of time and money to be saved by making an integration between their ERP-system and the ClearView Trade platform. The integration allows for order-data from the ERP-system to be reused when creating certificates for import, export and customs. The manual typing of data, as well as the risk of typing errors, is hereby eliminated.

Palsgaard have achieved multiple benefits from using ClearView Trade’s digital solution for import-, export- and logistics companies, and you are only a phone call or an email away from following in their footsteps!

Contact us today, and find out how we can help you digitize the way you handle documents, certificates and the general process of importing and exporting:

“We were focused on cost, the risk of making mistakes and the speed of our way of working”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

About ClearView Trade

  • We help some of Denmark’s biggest food production companies: Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen, Palsgaard, FF Skagen, etc.

  • We assist 85% of the Danish export

  • We have more than 6.000 active users on our platform

  • We help more than 4.000 export companies deliver goods all over the world

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