Complete digital solution from order to delivery

The Corona virus has motivated companies to create new business processes that switch to a paperless solution, which can help the environment, facilitate file sharing, and reduce the physical space required for document storage.

Order transport, create export documents, certificates of origin and food certificates for the authorities and report EMCS and E-export declaration to Customs authorities, all digitally.

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We replace the manual document management with a digital solution, where your company achieves a faster workflow and a solid overview status of ongoing cases.

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Significant savings

Digitizing your orders significantly reduces time consumption, which will lead to huge net savings.

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Resource optimization

Using the ClearView Trade-platform, your company will be able to digitize the process of annual export shipments, including all related paperwork and communication to the authorities, while minimizing time consumption per shipping.

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Easy digital transfer of all shipping information

The export portal sends your shipping information, documents and certificates electronically to all relevant partners and agencies.

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Minimize errors and expenses

Digitization minimizes or removes errors related to manual processes. It is estimated that 1% of transport shipments fail. Historically, ClearView Trade has helped our customers, on average, save 50% percent of failed shipments.

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Limited investment

The platform can be fully integrated with the current ERP solution in 4-6 weeks.

You can also start immediately – attend a two-hour workshop, and make your organization operational on the platform.

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In addition, you also get these benefits by using the export portal
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Get the full experience of a complete digitized workflow and a comprehensive overview from order to delivery. Book a time for a personal demonstration of the Export Portal or order a trial, which is a 30-day trial period without binding.

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