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Certificates and documents you can create on the ClearView Trade-platform

Health Certificate

The health certificate is used when sending specific goods that fall under the category of 'food and animal products'. You can create health certificates directly on our digital platform.

Certificate of Origin

The certificate of origin is used to document the country of origin of a product. On the ClearView Trade-platform, you can create digital certificates of origin - easily and quickly.


The EUR.1-certificate is similar to the certificate of origin in that it is used to prove the origin of a product. However, the EUR.1-certificate has more than one purpose and is therefore different from the certificate of origin.


A.TR. stands for "admission temporaire roulette" and is part of a special customs agreement between Turkey and the EU. You can create A.TR.-certificates on the ClearView Trade-platform, where you can also fill out many other export documents.

CMR consignment note

The CMR consignment note is a product of an international convention that deals with the carriage of goods by road. You can complete all your CMR consignment notes directly on the ClearView Trade-platform.


An ATA Carnet differs from other export documents in that it manages the export of goods that are imported into a country temporarily. You can create all your ATA Carnets on the ClearView Trade-platform.

Certificate of Free Sale

When exporting certain types of goods out of the EEA countries, exporters are sometimes required to present a Certificate of Free Sale. Read how to create a Certificate of Free Sale on our digital platform.


EMCS is an electronic system used to control exports of alcohol, tobacco and specific petroleum products within the EU. You can access EMCS directly from the ClearView Trade-platform.


When you take goods out of the EU customs territory, you must make an export declaration on the system called e-Export. You can make your export declarations directly on the ClearView Trade-platform.

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