Data integration

Data is the basis for automating your company’s export processes. 

Your ERP-system contains all the data our digital platform needs to automate your processes, which is why integration can be so beneficial.

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Avoid jumping back and forth in different systems

Are you tired of jumping back and forth between different systems when creating certificates, customs declarations and transport bookings? And are you tired of filling out all your certificates and documents manually? 

You can manage all the above-mentioned processes on one digital platform. You can even have all your documents and certificates filled out automatically. This saves you time and money and minimizes the risk of errors. You also get a unique overview of your processes.

Based on international standards

Our application- and integration-engine is based on international standards. This is to ensure that our platform can be used internationally and communicate with freight forwarders, shipping companies, couriers, customs authorities and other actors in global supply chains. 

We use an ISO standard called UBL, which stands for Universal Business Language. You can read more about UBL here 

We believe that as digital documents become digitized and standardized, international organizations such as the International Chambers of Commerce, the European Union, the United Nations, the World Customs Organization and nation states will implement digital standards for documents. For example, we already see digital documents being legally equated with physical documents, the EU implementing common customs standards, etc. 

Standardization will happen as the world becomes more and more digital, and to stay ahead of the curve we have chosen to use UBL. This is your guarantee that the solution is future proof.

Make the standard work for you

All the benefits are just a few clicks away. All you need to do is send us your data files in our UBL file format. Then we’ll get your business automation up and running. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Planning integration to our platform

Receive our UBL file format as well as a guide to our data validation-application.

Create UBL file format according to attached examples

Send test data file to ClearView Trade’s validation application and verify that your data file is correct and contains all the data you need to book your shipments, create documents and certificates.

Our data integration-module receives:

It will be possible to activate our document robots so that shipments, documents and certificates are created automatically from the received data files. 

Enter your email and receive the UBL file:

Can we help make your export processes easier?

Data integration is the driving force behind automation. And reducing errors! 

Sign up below for a non-obligation chat with one of our specialists. Then we’ll take a look – with you – at how to make your export processes easier and how to get that great overview of all your shipments.

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