Data Integration

Create an automated and simple user experience by integrating data with our ClearView Trade Platform

Avoid having to switch between systems – get your programmers to integrate our functionality with your business system, and experience how we can help increase both your productivity, minimize errors and improve your customer service. Whether the goal is to speed up processes for your team, or provide your customers with the information they need to optimize their business processes, our data integration module will create value.

Ease the work of booking transport and creating documents and certificates. We are here to help digitize international trade.

Planning integration

Get our UBL file format and data validation application.

Create UBL file format according to attached examples

  • Order the creation of a test environment for your company, send an e-mail to

  • Set up an SFTP sending to Clearview Trade SFTP Server

  • Submit data file to CVT Platform and verify data in shipping, documents and certificates.

Our data integration module receives:

  • UBL order file

  • UBL order file + delivery notes

  • UBL invoice file

  • UBL invoice file + delivery notes

It will be possible to activate our document robots so that shipping, documents and certificates are created automatically from the received data file.

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