Make your customs entries digitally, quickly and efficiently

Use Denmark’s best export platform and reuse your data. Avoid wasting time, maintain an overview and make your everyday life easier.

Digitise your logistics - Give yourself and your business partners a better overview

Consolidate your customs declarations on one platform

Every time you reuse your data digitally, you save time and minimise the risk of errors. This benefits both your business and your employees, who might otherwise get a stomach ache from the fear of entering incorrect data manually.

You can save resources and time by streamlining your export processes – and that includes your customs declarations. With our export platform, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to optimise, eliminate manual work and save time and money.

Customs exports – DMS (e-Export)

Get full access to customs declarations directly through the platform.

EMCS (wine, beer, spirits, tobacco…)

Reuse your data when moving alcohol, tobacco, perfume, etc. within EU borders.

Improve your cash flow with bonded warehousing, inward and outward processing

Why pay customs when you can avoid it?

Bonded warehouse

How to avoid paying customs and VAT when storing imported goods

Inward processing

How to avoid paying customs duties when working with inward processing

Outward processing​

How to avoid paying customs duties when working with outward processing

e-Export closes - DMS Eksport takes over

The EU’s upcoming customs system DMS will soon become the cross-cutting system for declaring customs in the EU. We create an integration to DMS for the benefit of all users of the platform. This way, exporters avoid having to handle the development and maintenance of a complex integration with the Danish Customs Agency themselves.

See all the benefits you get with a subscription to Denmark’s best export platform: 

DMS Export on subscription:
Subscription to a standard solution vs. Do-it-yourself

The Danish Customs Agency – free up time to focus on your core business. See the great benefits of choosing a subscription instead of developing and maintaining an integration yourself.

Curious about how you can digitise customs?

You are very welcome to have a no-obligation chat about customs. We are also happy to show you around the platform to give you an overview of the many possibilities you can look forward to.

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