Digital processes assist Palsgaard’s employees

An error in an export document can end up having expensive consequences, as the shipment will typically end up being delayed or completely denied at the destination. Aside from higher expenses in correction of the error, punitive duties and possible return costs, the incident will also cost goodwill as the delivery never arrived as promised.

Palsgaard has a strong digital strategy and were therefore committed to phase out the manual typing of data, as it entails a large margin of error. They were looking for a way to optimize their handling of certificates, and they found what they were looking for in the ClearView Trade platform.

“We are only human, and when you are typing data manually, typing errors are bound to happen”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

Customers need to receive their items on time, and this is where the customer service employees play a crucial role. They are responsible for making sure that all export documents and -certificates are filled out correctly, so customers can receive their deliveries as promised.

That may sound straight forward, but it can be both frustrating and demanding to handle certificates when they are all filled out manually.

Digital export documents give you free hands

“We hope that it can be a process that gives us freer hands, so we can begin working on some of the many other projects we have lying around”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

Digitization along with the collaboration with ClearView Trade have been important in the development of the customer service-journey at Palsgaard. The customer service employees have received a lot of extra time and resources through the integration of the ClearView Trade platform, time and resources that can be used to start new, beneficial projects.
Export documents that used to be filled out manually are now filled out automatically, which removes a large chunk of time from the preparation process that used to be unnecessarily comprehensive.

The employees have more time to service their customers and more time to work on new initiatives that can support the continuous growth of the company, and the digitization of Palsgaard’s export processes is a huge contributing factor in this development.

Time saved and correct data translates to customer satisfaction

When the customer service department need to create a health certificate, they can rest assured that all data on the document are correct. When a shipment is created, the relevant data can be drawn directly into the certificate which means that a large part of the process of creating the health certificate is automized.

Weight, description of goods, etc. are typically data that are also needed in other documents and certificates, and these are all filled out automatically in every document. The employees are therefore guaranteed that the data is homonymous across all documents and certificates. The automation results in the customer service-team being able to raise the efficiency in the export department, reduce the occurrence of errors and enjoy a heightened joy of working.

“We are especially going to save time now that we don’t need to type everything, because that’s the process we are coming from”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

The employees explain that it is extremely important to Palsgaard that the needs of the customers are thought into the digitization process, because in the end, the customers are the ones receiving a service. It is therefore emphasized that there is a hope to improve the relationship with the customers through the collaboration with ClearView Trade.

Did you know?

When you create a shipment on the ClearView Trade platform, you can invite the recipient to join the platform. When they do, they can view and download all relevant certificates and documents as well as communicate with the sender.
This way, the platform creates transparency in the export process as well as across your supply chain – and it enhances the collaboration between export company and customer.

“We are interested in delivering the correct data on the right certificates (…). When we start making automatic uploads, we are almost guaranteed that we won’t make any typing errors

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

The customer service-team agree that Palsgaard are on a journey with both ClearView Trade and their customers. The goal of the journey is to optimize the collaboration with the customers – and with a digital product such as the ClearView Trade platform, it is very easy to achieve this heightened partnership.

“We are on a journey consisting of two parts. The first part of the journey is us not having to type data (edit. manually), having documents and certificates automatically load up to the platform, and having data security on the documents being uploaded. The second part of the journey is the possibility for our customers to visit the platform and download their certificates themselves”

– Christina Hagh, Customer Service Manager

Digitization can also help you

We know the challenges you face in your industry, and we are familiar with the standards you need to comply with. Our digital solution tackles issues regarding the manual handling of documents as well as the lack of an overview of your documents and certificates. Using our product, you also get a shared collaboration platform that will allow you to become closer with your customers.
To put it precisely, you can streamline your entire export process as well as create a unique overview of all shipments while also strengthening your relationships with the clients.

Industry challenges solved by ClearView Trade

We help exporters optimize their performance, gain flexibility, reduce errors as well as the amount of capital tied up in the supply chain:

  • Complying with regulatory demands is time consuming

  • Lacking central overview of all export shipments and documents

  • Lack of collaboration tools impacts your ability to grow and optimize resources

Welcome digitization with ClearView Trade

Do you recognize the challenges Palsgaard faced before they began collaborating with us? Do you work with export documents and certificates, and do you feel weighed down by slow, manual processes that sometimes result in expensive errors?

We can help you with all these things, so contact us and find out how ClearView Trade can help you free up more time and excess energy in your daily work:

+45 53 50 35 90

About ClearView Trade

  • We help some of Denmark’s biggest food production companies: Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen, Palsgaard, FF Skagen, etc.

  • We assist 85% of the Danish export

  • We have more than 6.000 active users on our platform

  • We help more than 4.000 export companies deliver goods all over the world

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