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DISA: "We get our digital certificates of origin extremely fast"

Very fast dispatch

When something is too good to be true, it often is. But no rule without exception:

For DISA, which produces machines and spare parts for metal foundries, especially for the automotive industry, the use of digital certificates of origin is an eye opener. Where before there was a waiting time of up to 3 days for the certificates, today they are back in less than half an hour!

As for the probability of getting the certificates in hand the same day with the old method, the money would have been better spent with AGF as the winner of the Champions League.

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  • DISA was frustrated to wait up to 3 days for the certificate of origin to arrive
  • They wanted to dispatch the goods much faster – and preferably the same day
  • Instead of using the physical certificates of origin, DISA opted for the digital alternative
  • By simply clicking on ‘Digital’ instead of ‘Shipping’ or ‘Pick up’, the waiting time is only one hour
  • DISA today saves a great deal of working time and waiting time
  • There are basically no costs for sending/collecting certificates of origin anymore

Just get started with the digital!

As so many other companies that make certificates of origin in the classic way, DISA had a template on a PC. They printed a standard form, sent it by post or had the courier drive to Dansk Industri to get it stamped. It was then driven back to the company and sent to the customer.

A time-consuming process that did not make anyone either richer or happier (except of course the courier). The waiting time to get the certificates was long – often 3-5 days. If only it were possible to remove some of the tremendous waiting time…

The solution was just around the corner, as it turned out. After Tommy Kaldal from DISA was introduced to the digital alternative, he could not wait to get it implemented. Now it often only takes half an hour before the certificates are returned. They also save money on shipping and delivery. Voila!


"We save working time, waiting time – and the courier driving to Dansk Industri every other day. We get the certificates extremely fast. Within hours – and as little as half an hour. It's SO wonderful. We don't even spend time printing it. We just copy the link and forward it to the customer: "Here you go - here's your certificate!"
DISA - Tommy Kaldal
Tommy Kaldal
Contract Controller

No interference from management - no friction from customers

At DISA, they chose to jump straight into digitalization. Without asking management first. Without asking the customers first. They were convinced that the payoff would be massive.

The switch from physical to digital certificates of origin was decided solely by the shipping team. It is a matter of everyday practice, which did not require the involvement of the company’s management. Digitization is a high-priority area at DISA, and therefore it was also easy to get started.
Some of the customers are very traditional and would, according to DISA, ask questions and be against change. But the fact is that everyone has welcomed it, and very few customers have remained to the paper version.

The only place where you might encounter challenges is with letters of credit. The banks may require a piece of paper, so in some cases it has been necessary to deal with this. The banks that issue the letters of credit write that there must be an original certificate of origin. Typically, these are Turkish or Egyptian banks. But there is a solution for that as well.


“In the Danish Industry, Certificate Service, a dedicated employee is ready to digitally endorse your documents. After our endorsement you will receive an email with a link to your digital documents within 1 hour - more often before”.
Jens Holst-Nielsen - Dansk Industri
Jens Holst-Nielsen
Underdirektør, Dansk Industri

Creation of a physical certificate in paper form:

Creation of a certificate of origin on the platform:

The results are hard to ignore

For Tommy Kaldal and his colleagues, the case is simple:

DISA has many customers in various countries with technically complicated machines standing still. Machines that continuously need to have spare parts sent quickly, to avoid expensive production stoppages. Therefore, time is of the essence.

Days are saved by working digitally – this is the absolute biggest benefit. Working hours, waiting time and courier driving to and from Dansk Industri.

Tommy Kaldan: “We get the certificate extremely fast. Within hours – and as little as half an hour. It is SO wonderful. We don’t even spend time printing it. We just copy the link and forward it to the customer: “Here you go – here’s your certificate!“.

Great satisfaction with the platform

The many options and flexibility of the platform are valued by DISA. At the same time, it is greatly appreciated that proposals for improvements are received with open arms by Dansk Industri and ClearView Trade.

I think it’s really, really cool that we can go to Dansk Industri, which forwards suggestions for improvement to ClearView Trade – which often implements it if you think it’s a good idea“, says Tommy Kaldal and continues:

It’s just really easy and convenient that you can log in, pull out a template and make a certificate quite quickly – and then get it very quickly afterwards. Without having to get up from your chair. I don’t even have to go to the printer anymore!”.


"It is difficult to find something negative about digitizing the certificates. Maybe only that our courier is upset that he is not allowed to visit the nice girls at Dansk Industri".
DISA - Tommy Kaldal
Tommy Kaldal
Contract Controller​

What does the future look like for digitization under DISA's auspices?

According to Tommy Kaldal, it would provide great value if AT.R documents could also be created the same way. Unfortunately, the Customs Authority is not fully digitized, so it is necessary to have patience. Although you can easily create digital AT.R documents on the ClearView Trade portal, it is the endorsement itself that must still take place physically with the Customs Authority.

The authorities are the bottleneck in this case – so we appeal to the good people with the Customs Authority. ClearView Trade is happy to play along.

Are you curious about improving your export processes? Then read more about the ClearView Trade platform here.

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About DISA

DISA is part of the Norican Group and is a global supplier of casting equipment, casting machines and foundry technology.
DISA supplies complete, integrated foundry lines to a wide range of customers that also include sand plants, transport systems, cooling drums, cleaning solutions and digital solutions.

The company is founded on innovation, and constantly seeks to create change, create sustainability, be a leader in foundry technology and shape the industry.

See more about DISA:

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