Customer case:

OK Snacks eliminated 870 km of driving and +10 hours of wasted time every week

Close your eyes and imagine how liberating it would be to remove time consuming, manual processes in a heartbeat. Now open your eyes and experience how Lone Tranholm from OK Snacks’ daily tasks were made considerably easier by digitizing the creation of health certificates.

Every time a health certificate needs approval, a physical copy must go through The Food Administration’s office. Every time. Creating +30 certificates per month, and with 87,2 km from OK Snacks to the administration’s office in Vejen, it takes both carrier services and personal deliveries – depending on the urgency of the task.

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The customer case in 10 seconds:

The issue

  • OK Snacks spent several hours preparing health certificates.
  • Every certificate was filled out manually and delivered by hand to The Food Administration’s office in Vejen.

The solution

  • We made sure that OK Snacks were set up on the ClearView Trade platform so they could begin making digital health certificates.
  • We are also in the process of creating an ERP-integration that allows certificates to be filled out automatically.

The result

  • OK Snacks create and send health certificates in 15 minutes.
  • Certificates are sent to the ClearView Trade printing service in Vejen, who obtain stamps and signatures from The Food Administration.

Spent several hours creating one certificate

When Lone clocks in at work and opens the ClearView Trade platform, it is with one specific goal in mind – creating health certificates. Lone explains, that it has become the base of her daily work with shipments and health certificates.

The health certificates are alfa and omega in the export process at OK Snacks, because without the certificates, goods cannot be sent to the recipient. With that being said, goods can only be shipped once the certificates are filled out by Lone and handled by The Food Administration. This process was both time consuming and inefficient before ClearView Trade came into the picture:

Stor robotarm løfter kasse med snacks
OK Snacks medarbejder
OK Snacks medarbejder

“Health certificates were downloaded from The Food Administration website and filled out manually, after which they were printed out by a colleague who then booked another colleague to transport the certificates to The Food Administration and back. It was the same process every time – and it involved 3 people”

– Lone Tranholm, Sales Backup

The certificates need a stamp and a signature from The Food Administration, regardless of how you choose to fill them out. The ClearView Trade platform allows Lone to fill out- and send the certificates digitally to our printing service in Vejen, who then makes sure the certificates are stamped and signed. Having been stamped and signed, the certificates are then re-uploaded to the platform, where Lone can use them. This digital process is significantly faster, and it allows OK Snacks to save both money and time on transport:

“The old process was really slow. The Food Administration’s closest office is in Vejen, which is an hour long drive each way – so we spent at least two hours on transport alone”

– Lone Tranholm, Sales Backup

OK Snacks medarbjeder kigger på produktion af flæskesvær

Creating a certificate without the platform:

  • Certificate blueprint is downloaded from The Food Administration website

  • Certificate is filled out manually

  • Watermarked paper needs to be kept in a locked closet/drawer

  • Certificate is printed on official watermarked paper

  • The shipment is logged

  • Certificate is transported to The Food Administration’s office

  • Certificate is stamped and signed

  • Certificate is transported back

  • New load of watermarked paper needs to be collected at The Food Administration’s office once a month

Creating a certificate with the platform:

  • Certificate is filled out automatically on the ClearView Trade platform

  • Certificate is sent digitally to the printing service in Vejen

  • Printing service makes sure the certificate is stamped and signed

  • Printing service uploads the certificate to the platform where it is ready for use


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Lightning-fast integration

Even though OK Snacks was founded 40 years ago, they are not ones to rest on the laurels when it comes to digitization. The Snack-company has a clear digitization strategy, a fact that is attested by their fully automatic production line. As a result of this, not a single brow was raised when Lone presented the ClearView Trade platform to the export manager:

“When I presented the idea to our finance department and export manager, they told me, that if it could make my daily tasks easier, it was an easy decision”

– Lone Tranholm, Sales Backup

OK Snacks is an interesting case for us to share, as the implementation of the platform happened in record time once the snack-company had discovered our product. Lone explains that it took less than a week from the first call and to her saying “let’s get started” – and within no time she was making digital certificates on the platform.

It doesn’t take long to get started on the platform. You just need an active user profile. The onboarding is typically the most demanding part of the process, as the user needs to get used to a few new ways of working – but even that part is very straightforward. Lone is also not shy of complimenting our customer service, who have helped her on multiple occasions:

OK Snacks medarbejder arbejder med blanding af nødder

“The service is really good, and issues are handled very quickly. Even when I wrote one of your employees late the other night, my problem was solved immediately”

– Lone Tranholm, Sales Backup

Significant benefits and warm recommendations

The benefits of using our digital platform are easy to spot. It takes far less time to get a certificate stamped, and you can even fill out multiple certificates at once when you have entered the right data. It is a hundred times easier, as Lone says.

It is even possible to eliminate the typing of data all together when you choose to transfer data from the company’s ERP-system. When the ERP-integration is complete, specific order data will be transferred directly to the platform. OK Snacks is already in the process of having this integration created. Before long, Lone will be able to create certificates without typing any form of data. She is very clear in her statement, when we ask her if she is satisfied with the platform so far:

“Absolutely, I can only recommend it. It eases the daily tasks, and it makes the whole process of creating certificates much smoother. Besides this, you can always rest assured that if you miss something in a health certificate, your printing service has a keen eye and will give you a call, so it can be fixed”

– Lone Tranholm, Sales Backup

The ERP-integration is undoubtedly the ultimate form of digitization, as it removes so many unnecessary parts of the daily document management. It eliminates the need to type data manually which simultaneously eliminates the risk of making typing errors in the documents.

We are thrilled about the positive feedback, and we hope that our collaboration with OK Snacks can grow even further in the future.
Do you want to walk in OK Snacks’ footsteps and implement a digital platform that streamlines your export processes? Read more about the ClearView Trade platform here.

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When we ask Lone if she has any closing remarks, she can only think of one thing:

“I am just sorry that I didn’t know about ClearView Trade before now”

– Lone Tranholm, Sales Backup

About ClearView Trade

  • We help some of Denmark’s biggest food production companies: Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen, Palsgaard, FF Skagen, etc.

  • 40% of all Danish health certificates are made on our platform

  • We have more than 6.000 active users on our platform

  • We help more than 4.000 export companies deliver goods all over the world

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