Our platform deals with a large amount of industry-specific processes, -terminologies and -documents, and we know that there is a chance of questions arising. To help you out, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions, so you can easily find the answers you are looking for.

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Is it possible to add documents to each case?2020-10-28T10:53:20+01:00

Yes, you can upload all the necessary documents and you have the option of making a complete document package for each sending.

Which countries accept digital Certificate of Origin (COO)?2022-01-10T11:09:24+01:00

All countries accept digital COO, except Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

If we arrange transport, can ClearView Trade help with documentation?2022-01-10T11:10:43+01:00

Yes, our basic package offers you COO, ATR, ATA Carnet, CMR and EUR1 documents and allows you to book transport.

Is it possible to use more than 2 forwarders?2020-10-28T10:52:56+01:00

If you need more than 2 forwarders, you can submit a request for adding new forwarders for an extra fee.

Is it possible to get the digital Certificate of Origin (COO) within the Basic package?2022-01-10T11:12:07+01:00

Yes, it is. Please check the offers here.

How can you help regarding the Dangerous Goods Certificate?2020-10-28T10:52:33+01:00

You can add it in our system when you have it.

How do I know that the document I have submitted for signing is ready?2020-10-28T10:52:39+01:00

You can check status in Gateway, where you have an overview on your actions.

How long does it normally take to have a document ordered, signed and stamped by the authority in charge?2022-01-10T11:14:11+01:00

It usually takes between 1 and 3 hours before a document is completely processed.

Is it possible to have a trial period?2022-06-30T09:22:36+02:00

Yes, you can try our platform for 30 days. Bear in mind that you will pay a fee to cover the integration process. Click here for more info.

How do I get in contact with ClearView Trade in case of further questions?2020-10-28T10:48:19+01:00

 You can contact our support team on e-mail salg@clearviewtrade.com or tel. no.: +45 53 71 03 04. 

How long is the integration process?2020-10-28T10:51:32+01:00

 Integrating our system takes about 2-3 weeks. 

Is my data secure?2020-10-28T10:53:56+01:00

 Protecting people’s personal data is very important to us, so we’ve been updating our processes and policies to meet the EU’s data privacy rules (the GDPR). 

How long am I tied to a package?2022-01-10T11:16:30+01:00

 As a standard, you are tied to a subscription for 12 months, but we can adjust a subscription that fits your needs, if necessary. 

What is an A.TR. certificate?2022-02-03T08:38:42+01:00

An A.TR. certificate is a document used in customs between EU-countries and Turkey. ATR stands for Admission Temporaire Roulette. 

When the A.TR. certificate is issued on certain goods, it allows them to benefit from tariff preferences. This basically means that the rate of duty will be cheaper or non-existent. 

The A.TR. certification is a special customs agreement between EU and Turkey. It is not based on the origin of the goods. Rather, it testifies that a certain product has gone through the ATR clearance and is now in free circulation. 

When do you need an A.TR. certificate?2022-02-03T08:49:10+01:00

An A.TR. certificate is never strictly required, but it can be very beneficial when shipping between Turkey and EU-countries. With this certificate, you avoid custom duties, making it a must for most import or export companies. 

What goods are covered by an A.TR. certificate?2022-02-03T08:39:06+01:00

To qualify for an ATR-certification, the goods in question must be in circulation in either Turkey or a EU-country. Other than that, the following categories are covered: 

• Industrial products 

• Agricultural products 

• Products from the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) 

What is a CMR document?2020-10-28T10:58:07+01:00

A CMR transport document is based on the CMR convention, which establishes rules of ownership and responsibility for goods being transported by road. Therefore, the definition of CMR is not a document or a contract, but an international convention. 

With a CMR document (known as both CMR freight and transportation document) the rules of the convention are established between a trading company and a carrying company. When signing, both parties agree to a set number of conditions. 

When do you need a CMR document?2022-01-10T11:06:50+01:00

A CMR document is the standard contract of carriage in Europe. Multiple countries of Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia are also part of the convention. 

If your company is transporting goods by road in any of the membered states you need to fill out a CMR document. This ensures you of two things: 

• The carrying company can not refuse or cancel your shipment 

• You have more legal protection in case anything happens to the goods 

What goods are covered by a CMR document?2020-10-28T11:00:07+01:00

All goods transported by road between the countries included in the CMR Convention are covered by the CMR document. It is however very important that you fill out the document correctly. If not, the sending of goods may not be properly covered. 

What is an ATA Carnet?2020-10-28T11:00:54+01:00

An ATA Carnet is a customs and temporary export-import document. It is used to clear customs in 87 countries and territories without paying import taxes on merchandise that will be re-exported within 12 months. 

What goods can be covered by an ATA Carnet? And what goods cannot?2022-01-10T10:58:42+01:00

Almost all thinkable goods can be part of an ATA Carnet. For instance, electrical products, tools, commercial samples, products that are part of exhibitions etc. However, consumable items – such as food, seeds, fertilizer etc. cannot be part of an ATA Carnet. 

What is a EUR1 certificate?2020-10-28T11:02:10+01:00

The EUR1 certificate is a form that is used in international commodity traffic. The certificate is used to certify the origin of a product. And furthermore, it enables importers in certain countries to import goods at a lower import duty under agreements between the EU and beneficiary countries. 

How do I get a EUR1 certificate?2022-01-10T11:07:32+01:00

The applicant for the EUR1 (the exporter) must first be able to prove the origin of the goods. This is usually done via presentation of the supplier invoice stating the product origin. The exporter then fills in the EUR1 application form, and hands it over to the competent authorities (usually the customs office) along with the supplier’s invoice. The authorities certify the form with a stamp and send it back to the exporter. 

What is a food health certificate?2020-10-28T11:11:04+01:00

A food health certificate is a document that proves that you as an exporter of foods uphold the rules regarding the export. 

When do I need a food health certificate?2020-10-28T11:12:02+01:00

If you export food, animal products, or living animals, you are required to uphold the rules from the recipient country regarding transport and storage of regulated, grown or processed items. A food health certificate is used to document that everything is in order. 

What does a food health certificate cover?2022-01-10T11:08:25+01:00

Whenever the export consists of any kind of food, a food health certificate is required. It could, for instance, be carvings of meat, living animals and processed foods. 

What is a Certificate of Origin?2022-01-10T11:04:44+01:00

A Certificate of Origin identifies the origin of goods being exported and is issued by a Chamber of Commerce. The document is required by customs in the receiving country in order to determine tariff rates and the origin of the goods. The Certificate of Origin contains information regarding the product, its destination, and the country of export. 

When does a Certificate of Origin apply?2022-01-10T11:05:58+01:00

A Certificate of Origin must be produced every time goods are shipped internationally. The form is required by many treaty agreements for cross-border trade, and the form is important because it will help determine whether certain goods are eligible for import or whether goods, on the contrary, are subject to duties. 

Can we optimize our resources by using the ClearView Trade Platform?2022-01-10T11:19:35+01:00

Using the ClearView Trade Platform will allow your company to digitize the process of your annual export shipments, including all related paperwork and communication to authorities, while at the same time minimizing the time consumption pr. shipment. Customer service will be improved for the benefit of customers, partners and your company by giving access to a new customer portal and digital archive.

How do you ensure legal compliance?2022-01-10T11:21:33+01:00

The Export Portal ensures that your documents are filled out correctly, every time, as the platform stores- and reuses the data you need when filling out a specific document. Filling out your documents correctly means that you are in compliance with national- and international laws and regulations.

Can we avoid errors related to shipments by using your platform?2022-01-10T11:23:23+01:00

Digitization will minimize or completely remove errors attributed to manual processes. It is estimated that 1% of transport shipments fail. Historically, ClearView Trade has helped our customers save, on average, 50% of failed shipments.

Can I change the language on the ClearView Trade platform?2022-02-17T09:46:00+01:00

Yes! You have the ability to choose, whether you want the platform displayed in English or Danish:

The language on the platform is based on your browser settings, so if you change your browser’s language to Danish, the platform will automatically change to Danish as well (you might need to update the page, if you are already on the platform when you change the language).

We have a lot of clients with international departments and -employees, and we know how important it is to accommodate both Danish- and English speaking users.

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