The ClearView Trade-platform has a wide range of features that make it easier for you to overview-, manage- and automate your daily processes, thereby avoiding many manual processes. 

The features are grouped into a product catalogue, which you can see on this page.

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Discover our product catalogue

Our product catalogue contains all the features you can access on the ClearView Trade-platform. The features are divided into groups to make it easier for you to see what you have to choose from. You can access all the features you need when putting together your subscription. So, explore the product catalogue and find out what you need.

Export documents and –certificates

Save time and money when you create all your documents and certificates on the ClearView Trade-platform

Digital health certificates

No need to ship your food certificates to the Danish Food Administration when you create them on the ClearView Trade-platform

Digital customs declarations

Handle your e-Export, EMCS and e-Import directly on the platform

Automation and AI

Auto-attachment and document robots eliminate your manual tasks and give you more time and profit in everyday life

Automate your processes and minimize your errors – integrate your ERP-system with the ClearView Trade-platform

Transport bookings

Get a better overview of your transport – book with all carriers on one dedicated platform

Store all your product- and address catalogues directly on the platform and minimize your workload

Collaboration tool

Make it easier to collaborate across departments and share certificates with your customers