Digital workflow – end to end process

  • Create and copy trade documents
  • Enable endorsement of export document and certificate
  • Book your transport directly with EDI connection to forwarders
  • Direct print service to save time

Address book and item catalogues

  • Use address book and item catalogues for fast and easy creation of documents

  • Storing and reusing information keeps user on platform and makes platform “sticky”

Digital signature and stamps

  • Can be applied to all uploaded documents

Collaboration tools: Comments and sharing of documents

  • Share and comment: Keeps user on platform and draws their trading partners to the platform
  • Search filters can be shared across an organization supporting SOPs in larger organizations

Settings & archive

  • Controlling values settings, decimals, date-formats, 1000-seperators and other parameters that are important to create a valid document
  • Document archive enables storages of older documents

Additional services

  • Digitization of certificates – scan and digitize trade documents making them operational
  • Assist the localization of documents and global roll-out

Errors and mistakes can be costly, so validations are built into the user-interface to eliminate the occurrence of errors