Certificate of Free Sale

Learn how to create Certificates of Free Sale on the ClearView Trade-platform. We have created a step-by-step guide explaining how to create a Certificate of Free Sale on our digital platform in no time.

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Step-by-step guide

See how you can create Certificates of Free Sale in just 5 simple steps:

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Step 1: Choose Consignor from the Consignment menu at the top

  1. Click “Consignment” which is found in the top blue bar 
  2. Choose “Consignor 
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Step 2: Choose the shipment your certificate is linked to

Here you’ll see an overview of your shipments.

  1. Choose the shipment you want to create a Certificate of Free Sale for and click on “Create documents” – the second icon from the left
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Step 3: Search for “Certificate of Free Sale”

  1. From here you can search for Certificates of Free Sale. You can do so by typing “free sale” after which you choose the only option left 
  2. You choose the certificate by clicking “Create 
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Step 4: Check that all information is correct

All the information you provided when creating the shipment will automatically be retrieved when creating a Certificate of Free Sale. From here you can do the following:

  1. Edit the information by clicking any given box 
  2. Edit the product list by clicking “Add goods item 
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Step 5: Preview, save, print or change format

When all the information is correct, you have the following 5 options before clicking “Send”:

  1. Click on “Decimals” to change the number of decimals displayed in the certificate. From here you can also change the date-format if there are specific requirements for this 
  2. Click on “Preview” to check that the certificate looks correct before saving it 
  3. Click on “Print” to send the certificate to a printing service, if this service is set up for your company. If it is not, you can choose to print the certificate yourself 
  4. Click on “Save” to save the certificate 
  5. Click on “Save & close” to save the certificate and go back to the overview 

When you are ready, click “Send” in the bottom left corner, after which your Certificate of Free Sale is sent immediately to the selected chamber of commerce.

Links for further information

Do you need more information about Certificates of Free Sale? We have a lot of information on our website that can make you a true expert on the subject. The links below will take you to our certificate page, dictionary and FAQ. Click on the three links and learn more about Certificates of Free Sale:

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