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See how to easily and quickly create certificates, CMR consignment notes and ATA Carnet.

We understand that ordering and filling out international shipping documents isn’t necessarily an easy process. That is why we have made short and simple step-by-step video guides to support and guide you.

Using videos and detailed step-by-step descriptions, we guide you through the various options in the Export Portal.

Find the topic you want to learn more about and discover how easy and fast it is to get started using the Export Portal.

We offer the frame for shipment forms – you fill them out

The idea behind our Export Portal is to provide the framework for you to create export documents and shipping forms that fit your purpose and your business.

When you order a document through our platform, we make sure to make space for all the necessary information and automatically fill out as many of the required formalities as possible. What you need to do is add your unique information.

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The Export Portal is your guide to procuring international shipping documents

Documents, contracts, and forms are essential parts of transportation logistics. But shipping forms and export documents can be time-consuming and troublesome. At ClearView Trade, we aim to make your work easier and to assure that you are always compliant with your company standards.

In our Export Portal, you will find all the information and help you need to procure and fill out important shipment forms for your company. Here you have the option of ordering the different documents. We also help you through the process of procuring them and give you the tools to fill them out appropriately with our step-by-step video guides.

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