How to trade easier with UK after Brexit

It has become more difficult to trade with the UK after their withdrawal from the EU, but by digitizing the export processes, companies can in the future save up to 50% of the time they spend on export-related processes, while keeping up to date with the latest export regulations.

As a result of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU, a number of new rules came into force on 1 January 2021, which are of great importance to companies in the EU that export to England, Scotland and Wales. These countries are now considered as third countries.

New customs rules on sales to the UK
Duties are now imposed on the purchase and sale of goods to and from the United Kingdom.

This means, for example, that if you have previously imported or exported from or to the UK, and would like to continue with it, but you have not previously imported to countries outside the EU, then your company must be registered for this purpose. You can do this with The Danish Customs Agency.

When importing goods from countries outside the EU, you must include the VAT, corresponding to 25% of the customs value,excl. any additional costs associated with transportation and insurance. Just like on goods bought by Danish companies, you can deduct the VAT.

These are just a few of the new rules that make the process of importing and exporting goods to and from the UK more advanced and involve a significant amount of extra paperwork.

CVT Platform can ease the increased amount of paperwork
ClearView Trade can remedy this problem. We have developed a digital platform that meets all the requirements for export documents and certificates that have been enforced as a result of the withdrawal agreement.

This eliminates most of the extra administrative work associated with Brexit, customs and taxes, and it also eases the customs costs associated with importing goods from third countries. In addition, the platform also reports the export declaration simply and digitally directly to the Danish Customs.

A complete digital solution
The platform is a unique piece of infrastructure that connects both recipients and senders with authorities and logistics providers, and it optimizes and validates your workflow so that you avoid errors, delays and unnecessary expenses. The solution creates an overview and frees up to 50% of the time your business spends on export-related activities.

Clearview Trade’s export portal optimizes many of the processes that have hitherto been old-fashioned manual processes. For example, it allows you to create digital certificates of origin and reuse data from previous editions, making it easier and much faster to issue and distribute.

The platform also ensures that you can avoid printing and storing food certificates, keep a logbook, etc. With a digital application, ClearView Trade takes care of everything from printing to obtaining and getting stamp approved. This happens within 20 minutes, after which you receive a digital copy, and in this way the approval process goes significantly faster, so your goods can be moved from one country to another in record time.

The customs system has for a long time been both time-consuming and extensive in the amount of paperwork. However, the system is in the process of getting a digital boost. The ClearView Trade’s Export Portal ensures that you as a company are always up to date with the latest standards and regulations, and that your shipments are always processed correctly.

Easier to trade with the UK
It is just a selection of the features that ClearView Trade’s export portal offers, and which will facilitate the processes especially around the export of goods to the UK.

This way, your company can continue to ship goods to the British countries without having to worry about new rules, certificates and stamps. Thus, this is a platform that handles most of the work in the export process.

Digitization of export procedures is well under way and already now more than 4.000 companies are using the platform from ClearView Trade.

With a digital application, ClearView Trade takes care of everything from printing to obtaining and getting stamp approved.