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You get profits and a unique overview when you use our digital platform, no matter what industry you come from. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s the truth. Visit one of our industry pages and see how we help companies from your specific industry.

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The ClearView Trade-platform is designed for companies managing export- and logistics processes. The platform helps companies from many different industries, and we can help you too. Visit the different industry pages and read about the benefits of our digital platform.

Make sure your food goods are shipped on time – every time. Automation handles your health certificates for you.

Automate your health certificates and make sure that you never miss a deadline.

Do you have many small shipments that are difficult to manage? Gather all your shipments in one place.

Automate your document handling, optimize your transport and much more.

Can we help you make your export processes easier?

You are welcome to a sparring session with one of our specialists – free of charge. 

We will look – along with you – at how digitalization can help eliminate your manual processes, reduce errors and create a fantastic overview of all your shipments – for the benefit of you, your colleagues and your business partners (who can also access the platform).

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