ClearView Trade is built on industry best practices and market knowledge accumulated by working with 1.000s of exporting companies.
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You’ll be in great company. Some of our customers:

The Danish authorized Chambers have chosen to work with us

All our solutions are based on open standards (UBL and UNCEFACT) and a secure public infrastructure (PEPPOL).

ClearView Trade has been heading the OASIS UBL transportation Subcommittee in connection with ISO 204 (intelligent logistics).

Digital community:
  • Large international network with sister organizations and embassies around the world and offices in both Denmark and Brussels

  • Digital service for all export companies:
    • 85 % of danish exports
    • 4000 clients and 6000 users
  • We are collaborating with the Agency For Digitization under the Danish Ministry of Finance to develop digital standards for trade and logistics within PEPPOL, meaning we are 3-4 years ahead for other markets and competitors.

  • (3-4 year ahead for other markets and competitors)

Endorsed partnership:

  • Certificate service accredited by the ICC providing:

    • Endorsement and legalization of Trade Invoices, Health Certificates, Packing lists, Contracts, Price lists & other
    • Digital issuing of COO, EUR 1, ATR and ATA Carnet
    • Two-factor authentication, digital stamp and signature
  • Membership activities and services including

    • Support and counseling on industry specific legal affairs, business law, customs rules, etc.