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ClearView Trade is a market leading solution for export document management in the wholesale industry

Industry trends

Vulnerabilities and future trends


  • Suppliers are finding ways to avoid splitting margins with the distributor and building direct relationships with their customers

  • Inability to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations for delivering end-to-end supply chain visibility, omnichannel fulfillment, 24/7 customer service, order tracking, and real-time inventory management
  • Technology-driven new entrants such as Amazon Business and eBay are disrupting the status quo in wholesale distribution, noticeably accelerating the competitive intensity

  • The biggest disruptors are the “digital leaders” who are ahead in their technology maturity and big-box retailers looking to expand their share of the customer wallet


  • Exploring e-commerce as a strategic lever for improving sales and customer service

  • Adding new capabilities through targeted acquisitions or divesting misaligned areas of the business

  • Leveraging data science and analytics to better support organization-wide decision making

  • Identifying new methods for recruiting, sourcing, and training to best familiarize their workers with the advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation

  • Building strategic agility and flexibility into their supply chains

  • Expanding international trade to offset the impact of China and gradually develop alternate global sources

  • Focusing on efficient warehouse management and ecosystem integration

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Key Challenges

Wholesale Distribution Industry

Considerations for companies:

  • The industry is under major disruption due to factors ranging from China tariffs, rising shipping costs, the growth of e-commerce, and the increasing desire of manufacturers and retailers to completely bypass the wholesale distribution channel and instead do business directly with each other under a “Direct to Consumer” (D2C) business model
  • Faced with these myriad disruptive forces, the industry is aggressively embracing technology – for data-driven decision-making, more agile supply chain management, better overall visibility, and differentiating customer experiences – in order to thrive
  • From the data and application integration perspective too, which is a critical enabling technology in all this, there is also an expanding role of APIs for streamlining the wholesale distribution ecosystem to rapidly create significant economic value as the entire industry undergoes rapid digital transformation

 (Mahesh Rajasekharan)

How to solve Industry challenges with ClearView Trade solution

Lacking central overview of all export shipments and documents2021-08-18T14:09:59+02:00

Lacking central overview of all export shipments and documents

Industry challenges

No overview, re-typing in multiple platforms:

  • The document supply chain is very fragmented  and up to 2/3 of data is re-typed at least once
  • Using multiple solutions and providers makes it difficult to maintain an overview

Outsourcing of services leaves exporters in the blind:

  • Manuel update and poor info on shipment status
  • Lack of transparency increase risk for errors

Bureaucracy precludes expansion of the business:

  • Limitation on numbers of shipment reduce business potential
  • Best practice takes shipping staff long time to acquire and causes ineffectiveness and large wage costs
ClearView Trade solution

One-stop source:

  • To handle all export administration

Central overview and transparency:

  • Control Tower Portal access enabling enterprise-controlled workflow, organizational alignment and compliance with a company look

  • Carries Portal and Customer Portal access provide digital interactions with access to all partners – information and documents to be shared

Improving upscale of business:

  • Improving supply chain with a digital network will cause shipping department to manage larger shipment volume

  • Adding business intelligence in the form of POD, legalization status,  etc.

  • Improving customer service and reduce no. of inquires

Lack of collaboration tools impacts your ability to grow and optimize resources2021-08-17T07:45:36+02:00

Lack of collaboration tools impacts your ability to grow and optimize resources

Industry challenges

Time consuming workflow:

  • Multiple touch points to get shipment status
  • Using word-processing and spreadsheet templates exchanging documents via e-mail
  • Crucial knowledge is often lost

Covid 19 challenges – working remote:

  • No digital backup plan for joint shipping cases leave staff isolated and working from home becomes ineffective
  • Handover of work between colleagues is time consuming without a common platform
ClearView Trade solution

File Folder overview as a collaboration tool for your team:

  • Everything in one place creates team efficiency and business transparency
  • Improved team planning, flexibility and handover between collages
  • Improved integration of teams working from remote locations
  • Proactive risk management

Significant savings:

  • Digitization of manual team procedures reduces time consumption, which will lead to huge net savings
  • Collaboration platform reduces document lead time from order to shipment, on average exporters save +1 day of lead time
  • Client savings reach typically 60% in time savings
  • Today, 50 % of all shipments trigger customer inquiries
Complying with regulatory demands is time consuming2021-09-28T14:50:39+02:00

Complying with regulatory demands is time consuming

Industry challenges

Industry specific quality standards:

  • Complying with industry specific quality standards is a time-consuming process and causing shipping delays and cancelations

Optimizing service level:

  • Digitization reduces time from order to shipment
  • Errors in export documents and non-compliance causes delays and impact profitability and reputation
  • Any error in shipment processes will lead to potential Customer claims
ClearView Trade solution

Ensure full compliance:

  • Providing legal requirements and practices, as the solution guides users with best workflows and digital verifications of data, document templates and certificates
  • Satisfying customer demand for individual solutions

Reduce error:

  • Digitization reduces or removes errors related to manual processes
  • Applied automation will eliminate re-typing of data  and room for errors
Historically, our platform has helped customers reduce number of failed shipments by 50%

Customer Cases – Wholesale


International supplier of aluminium solutions


Was looking for ways to cut the lead time of shipments and export documents
  • Export documents represented a bottleneck as the shipment was waiting for return of legalized documents

  • No transparency in transport status, due to use of multiple forwarders

  • Outsourced custom reporting was time consuming and often noncompliant

  • Certificates were picked up by a local currier and returned the following day

Through extensive investments in the company’s physical framework and up-to-date machines, it has one of Northern Europe’s largest aluminum warehouses, its own coil center and two fully automatic high racks – these initiatives enable us to meet customer demand as well as developments in the market, and we always guarantee the best possible service.


Significant cuts in document lead time

  • Improved efficiency (eliminate re-entering of data, manual document handling)
  • Business Transparency and Company Compliance
  • End to end digitalization of export document workflow
  • Confirmation on POD (Secure closing of T1 & T2 documents, Digital signed CMR)
  • Risk management (provide Company Control Tower)
  • Data security (digital secure workflow and back-up, File Folder archiving)
  • Now export documents are available immediately

  • Automated booking process with carrier

  • Automated E-export application and approval directly to customs

  • Transparency due to file folder overview for team members including list view of certificates

Through the Clearview Trade platform, the processes regarding booking of transport, handling of customs and creation of certificates and CMR´s is 100% automated.

The platform itself is strengthening this company’s position in a highly competitive market.


Global supplier of different food products


Was looking for ways to cut the lead time of export documents
  • Export documents represented a bottleneck as the shipment was waiting for return of legalized documents
  • Certificates were picked up by a local currier and returned the following day
  • Customs reporting was time consuming

The group is among the leading suppliers of products to food manufacturers, retailers, caterers and distributors throughout the world.

Our goal is always to establish a value-adding partnership with our customers as well as our suppliers around the world. We are known for our thorough knowledge of local markets and thus we are able to meet local needs and demands, providing customers and suppliers with the highest level of service and competitive prices.


Significant cuts in document lead time

  • Now export documents are available same day
  • Certificate of Origin is generated automatically
  • Transparency of processes for all team members
  • Customs reporting is automated
  • Error rate is reduced, ensuring compliance

They buy products in 48 countries around the world and sell products in 96 countries, which leads to complex export processes. ClearView Trade helps eliminate manual errors by digitizing the export documents and certificates.


A trading company in the food industry


Was looking for ways to cut the lead time of export documents
  • Export documents represented a bottleneck as the shipment was waiting for return of legalized documents
  • Difficult to ensure compliance due to ever changing certificate requirements
  • Many manual data collection processes
  • Certificates were picked up by a local currier and returned the following day

Experts within frozen meats, fish, seafood and vegetables. The company has within its 45 years of existence developed into a global, market leading company. We take a corporate pride in being part of an industry that supplies the world’s countries with basic foods that reflect a broad variety of regional specifications and quality requirements.​


Significant cuts in document lead time

  • The process of Health Certificates is fully automized, ensuring compliance
  • Error rate reduced to practically “0%”
  • Now export documents are available same day
  • Simplified custom reporting

  • Transparency to all team members across all departments and locations

Flexible expedition, reliable delivery and quality inspections are key factors. The global sales and sourcing teams provide local specialist knowledge at 26 locations. Therefore, it is important that export activities are conducted flawlessly and that minimum time is spent on documentation. The ClearView Trade-platform provides digital documentation approved in no-time and complying with the latest rules and regulations.

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The Danish authorized Chambers have chosen to work with us

All our solutions are based on open standards (UBL and UNCEFACT) and a secure public infrastructure (PEPPOL).

ClearView Trade has been heading the OASIS UBL transportation Subcommittee in connection with ISO 204 (intelligent logistics).

Digital community:
  • Large international network with sister organizations and embassies around the world and offices in both Denmark and Brussels

  • Digital service for all export companies:
    • 85 % of danish exports
    • 4000 clients and 6000 users
  • We are collaborating with the Agency For Digitization under the Danish Ministry of Finance to develop digital standards for trade and logistics within PEPPOL, meaning we are 3-4 years ahead for other markets and competitors.

  • (3-4 year ahead for other markets and competitors)

Endorsed partnership:

  • Certificate service accredited by the ICC providing:

    • Endorsement and legalization of Trade Invoices, Health Certificates, Packing lists, Contracts, Price lists & other
    • Digital issuing of COO, EUR 1, ATR and ATA Carnet
    • Two-factor authentication, digital stamp and signature
  • Membership activities and services including

    • Support and counseling on industry specific legal affairs, business law, customs rules, etc.
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