It has never been easier to handle logistics

Are your logistics processes heavy and time consuming? Our platform gives you the tools to streamline and digitize your processes.

Digitize your logistics and give you and your partners a better overview

Gather all your logistics on one platform

The faster your goods leave the warehouse, the faster you can process new orders, which improves goodwill with the customers and increases your cash flow. Many companies have inefficient processes that lower the speed of handling and result in a lot of manual typing. 

Using the ClearView Trade-platform, it is possible to gather all processes and documents in one place and thereby take advantage of the many benefits and automation possibilities to speed up your processes.

You can gather all your logistics processes on the ClearView Trade-platform. Handle all your export documents and –certificates, book transport, declare customs and much more. It becomes significantly easier for employees to handle shipping when everything is gathered in one place – and you no longer need to worry about manual processes and double work. 

You can wave goodbye to the following when handling your processes on the platform:

Free yourself from a fragmented supply chain:

Avoid bottlenecks in your export:

Forget about retyping data:

Lack of transparency:

See how we help companies from your industry

Visit our industry pages and see how you can optimize your logistics processes with the ClearView Trade-platform. The industry pages focus on the platform’s features and how they can help different companies streamline their export processes.


Make sure your food goods are shipped on time – every time. Automation handles your health certificates for you.


Automate your health certificates and make sure that you never miss a deadline.


Do you have many small shipments that are difficult to manage? Gather all your shipments in one place.

Other industries

Automate your document handling, optimize your transport and much more.

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Printing service

Are you tired of transporting health certificates back and forth when they need approval?

Experience how ClearView Trade’s printing service can make sure that you never have to transport a health certificate to the Food Administration’s office again (or pay a courier to do it).

Do you book transport via e-mail, texts or the transport companies’ booking sites (or maybe a mix of all of them)?

Visit our transport booking site and discover how you can gather all your bookings on the same site as all your other export processes. Our solution gives you a better overview of your daily life.

Do you fill out export certificates manually and are you scared of typing errors?

Experience how you can gather all your certificates and documents in one place while also making sure they are filled out automatically. That way you can let go of the fear of typing errors.

Book a free demo of the digital platform

Discover all the benefits when booking a free presentation of the ClearView Trade-platform. We tailor the demo to meet your specific needs, thereby giving you the best insight into how the platform can help you in your daily life. The demo takes about 30 minutes.