More sustainable exports

Together, we can help each other eliminate paper through digitization and automation. 

Most countries now accept digital documents and signatures. This helps eliminate physical documents as well as the transport of the physical documents between sender and recipient, chamber of commerce, etc. It reduces CO2 consumption and eliminates paper.

Et barn der sidder med et stort rødt blad foran ansigtet

Sustainability and environmental responsibility spreading like wildfire

More and more companies are prioritizing sustainability and taking responsibility for the environment, but let’s be honest:  

Exporting and transporting goods across borders is not CO2 friendly in the first place. Achieving the goal of becoming CO2-neutral requires many joint efforts. One effort is to eliminate paper and another is to reduce unnecessary transport. 

When you use the ClearView Trade-platform, you eliminate paper and reduce transport consumption, because the transport of physical documents between, for example, the sender, the chamber of commerce and the recipient becomes unnecessary. 

You reduce CO2 consumption – to the benefit of the planet, your customers and your employees – including future colleagues.

Green benefits ahead

Sustainability is not a unique characteristic for companies today, but rather a prerequisite for playing the game. We are doing what we can to support sustainability through the digitalization of Danish exports. 

In concrete terms, this means that we are helping: 

  • Reduce paper consumption by more than ½ million sheets of A4-paper per year 
  • Reduce CO2 and other harmful particles because companies are relieved of having to transport paper documents from A to B when this can be done digitally 
  • Create a better working environment because employee morale is improved when manual duplication and stress are eliminated through automation 

The ClearView Trade-platform gives you and your company plenty of opportunities to be green and to save money on document transport. Even without it becoming another extensive IT project – you can get started in 1 day. 

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You can also experience 7 powerful benefits that will be a gamechanger for you and your company. 

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The green transition is driving automation, optimization AND a better environment. 

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