Order a Food Health Certificate in two minutes using the Export Portal

Se guide til Fødevarecertifikat oprettelse

By using the Export Portal, you can create and order a Food Health Certificate in less than two minutes. Try the Export Portal for free for 30 days and order your Food Health Certificate here:

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FAQ about food health certificates

What is a Food Health Certificate?

A Food Health Certificate is a document that proves that you as an exporter of foods uphold the rules regarding the export.

When do I need a Food Health Certificate?

If you export food, animal products, or living animals, you are required to uphold the rules from the recipient country regarding transport and storage of regulated, grown or processed items. A food health certificate is used to document that everything is in order.

What does a Food Health Certificate cover?

Whenever the export consists of any kind of food, a Food Health Certificate is required. It could, for instance, be carvings of meat, living animals and processed foods.

Step-by-Step guide to a Food Health Certificate

Step 1: Choose the Shipment-item that Requires a Food Health Certificate

Before creating an application for a Food Health Certificate: When you are ordering a Food Health Certificate, you first need to have created the shipment-item and booked transport with your carrier, using the Export Portal. Above, you can see an overview of all your registered goods and shipment-items.

  1. Choose the shipment-item that requires a Food Health Certificate and click “Create documents” – the second icon from the left
  2. Then, click “Create Food Certificate”

Step 2: Search for the Country of Destination

  1. Search for the shipment’s country of destination (in this case, Japan)
  2. Choose the relevant type of Food Health Certificate for your shipment

Step 3: Make sure the form is properly filled out

The above screenshot shows you a preliminary Food Health Certificate, which has been filled out beforehand with the information assigned to the chosen shipment. If you wish to edit the information before you save the document, it can be done in the following way:

  1. Click on the field in the certificate itself that you wish to edit. The corresponding edit field will be marked on the right-sided page. You can then correct the erroneous information.

Step 4: Preview, Save, Print or Change the Format

When the form has been filled correctly, you will have five options before you click “Send”:

  1. Click “Decimals” to change the number of decimals shown in the certificate. You can also change the date-format, assuming you have specific requirements
  2. Click “Preview” to make sure the certificate is filled out and formatted correctly before you save
  3. Click “Print” to print out the document using a printing service – assuming one has been set up for your business
  4. Click “Save” to save the certificate for future use
  5. Click “Save & Close” to save the certificate and return to the overview
  6. Finally, click “Send” in the bottom left-hand corner to send your application to the appropriate Chamber of Commerce