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Peppol – the future of digital document transportation

E-procurement is an integrated part of the workflow of most companies around Europe. But the different systems of commerce and billing in the different countries can be a big challenge.

On our danish blog, we compared the existing international e-commerce system to using around seven different cell phones at one time. Customs, the different authorities, suppliers and banks don’t necessarily communicate in the same way.

But Peppol makes things a lot easier. Here you get a service that collects all digital documents related to e-procurement and unifies them on the same platform.

What is Peppol?

Peppol is an international network for e-procurement. The main goal of Peppol is to make the exchange of digital documents between businesses easier and less time assuming.

E-procurement across borders

During e-procurement between businesses, many documents typically need to be exchanged and signed. This includes online orders, billings, e-catalogs and shipping agreements. When commerce is happening across borders, different structures and systems internally in the countries often makes the process difficult.

By using the Peppol network business, partners can exchange all the necessary information by using the same platform. Peppol also offers a frame for contracts and agreements that are legally binding in both countries.

In this way, it is possible to cut out the cumbersome local systems of the equation by using Peppol.

Why Peppol is good news for your company

We regard Peppol as the future of the logistics of e-procurement between different countries. And new EU legislation has laid the groundwork for this new network solution becoming the leading platform for digital document transportation.

One of the main points of the new international legislation is the demand for digital documents to be regarded as equal to paper documents. This has extended the reach and possibilities of using Peppol greatly.

That is why Peppol doesn’t just save your company a lot of time and effort. Using this network also shows that you are goal-oriented and can adapt to the digital developments. This shows your partners and customers that you are dedicated and effective.

How we use it

At Clearview Trade, we have implemented the secure Peppol infrastructure combined with UBL digital language to simplify international trade through standardization. Firstly, we use it as a solution made available to our clients through our digital platform.

Secondly, we are currently working with implementing the network successfully in the practices of Danish authorities and businesses. Here we are developing transport and logistics.

See how we can help your company!