Are you ready for a good deal?

You can bring your entire export workflow together on our digital platform. You can also just create your certificates on the platform – or book and assemble your transport – if that’s what you need. 

The point is that you decide how to optimize your workflow – you only pay for what you need. Read more about prices on this page. 

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Put your worries aside and raise your expectations - we have a subscription that's perfect for you

Here is what you can choose from

The list below gives you an overview of the subscriptions you can choose from. In the overview, you can also see our transaction prices. Part of your total is a price per transaction you run through the system. 

So, you pay for a subscription + per transaction or usage. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Prices - UK

Price example / for 1 month:

If you choose a subscription with 300 shipments per year = 1.700 DKK/month 

+ 100 transport bookings = 165 DKK 

+ 100 certificates of origin = 1.500 DKK 

Adding up to 3.365 DKK per month 


You decide which features you want to have access to in your subscription. You also choose the number of shipments that suits your business. This way, you can put together your own subscription based on these criteria. So, you’re not forced to choose a standard plan that may only partially suit your situation – you choose which features you want to use and how many shipments you want to make.

Yes, you have full control over the features in your subscription. If you need a new feature, just contact us – we’ll update your subscription.  

If you need to remove a feature that you don’t use, the same principle applies – just contact us and we’ll update your subscription to match your needs. 

We have provided an overview of the platform’s modules in the table above. Here you can put together your own subscription based on the prices indicated for each module/number of shipments. If you want to be absolutely sure that you have put together the subscription correctly, please contact our sales department on:  

Telephone: +45 53 71 03 04 


You can generally have as many users as you need. You can create new users on the platform yourself and you can assign users different roles that give access to different functions.

Our pricing model is based on annual payments, but if you’d like to pay monthly, that’s also possible. Just be sure to mention it when we discuss your subscription.

You can easily get started without your IT-department. You just need a user profile – then you can start booking transport, creating certificates of origin, etc. You can also use our item catalogue-module, which is a kind of light ERP integration. If you’d like to automate and integrate, feel free to contact our specialists. We’ve tried most things.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ or contact us directly.

Can we help make your export processes easier?

You are welcome to book a sparring session with one of our specialists – free of charge. 

We will take a look – along with you – at how digitization can eliminate your manual processes, reduce errors and create a fantastic overview of all your shipments – for the benefit of you, your colleagues and your business partners (who can also access the platform).

ClearView Trade - 3D lastbil