Reduce vulnerability to labor shortages

If you’re not just a little worried about retaining your talented employees with industry knowledge and experience, you’re a rare breed. No one is indispensable, but some roles are harder to replace ‘overnight’ than others. 

With digitization, you can reduce your vulnerability.

Et knækket æg hvor indholdet løber ud på en lyserød baggrund

Labor shortages are a structural problem

Statistics from Dansk Erhverv and Statistics Denmark speak for themselves: Labor shortages, particularly in transport, are an ever-growing problem that we must address across Europe. The trend is general and exists across all occupational groups and sectors. 

Even though we in Denmark see ourselves as digital frontrunners, there are plenty of industries where we still have a lot of potential for digitization. The export- and logistics industries are no exception. 

Many processes are still manual, with good old paper being moved around. You can find inspiration from other industries: Think, for example, of the digital boarding pass that you confidently show at airport security. In this situation, we rely on digital products, seeing as it is more secure and convenient. We can easily transfer these tendencies to the export industry – digital documents are already accepted all over the world, with few exceptions. It’s just a matter of getting started. 

Visit our case with European Wood Corporation from Kolding, who successfully replaced physical certificates with digital ones overnight. 

This creates more job satisfaction – and happy employees create better results.

Win-win for employees and companies

Our platform can never replace a good and skilled employee, but we may be able to help retain your staff by eliminating routine, manual work. Through automation and templates, many of the reminders found on physical checklists and post-its can be built into the platform. This reduces the risk of errors and makes the learning curve for new employees less steep. 

Digitizing and automating your export processes creates new opportunities – or as several of our customers put it: Once you go digital, you don’t go back to the printing room:

  • Training- and educating new employees is faster with a digital platform 
  • You reduce worries about holiday replacements and sickness because it becomes easier to overlap 
  • Employee retention improves because you’ve invested in digital solutions that make work less stressful and routine 
  • All information such as documents and freight details are gathered in one place – providing visibility and a less stressful working environment 
  • Automatic creation of relevant documents via integration, online catalogues and templates saves employees from monotonous typing 
  • The younger generation rarely finds manual work interesting. They are “born digital” and expect IT to be used for almost everything 
  • Investing in automating your export processes is an investment in the interests of both the company and its employees 

Reach out – let’s take a look at how we can create an even better everyday life and economy for you!

Mangel på arbejdskraft-statistik

Labour shortages in Denmark from 2013-2022. Source: Statistics Denmark.

Can we help make your export processes easier?

It’s hard to find the right skills. Meanwhile, it is also stressful when colleagues go on holiday or call in sick if there’s no one to take over for them. But with the right tools at hand, you can make it easier for all of you. 

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