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Receiving orders.

Order transportation, create export documents, Certificates of Origin and food export certificates for the authorities, and report EMCS and E-export to the Tax Authority.

Book your carriers without any hidden extra costs. You have a single portal for your shipments. See confirmations and status online, update and possibly cancel shipments.

The Export Portal

Eksportportalen.dk is an Internet-based trading platform and with our portal solution you can get started in just 10 minutes. The export portal guides you through all the steps that you need in order to export your products. We optimise your workflows and validate your documents to avoid delays, errors and the incurring unnecessary expenses. It is also possible to transfer data directly from business systems such as SAP, NAV, C5 and AX.




Book your carriers without any hidden extra costs. You have a single portal for your shipments. See confirmations and status online, and possibly cancel shipments.

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You can create new applications or reuse data from previous applications with a single click. Once you have applied, you are able to check the status online with your certificate provider.

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If you use our print service, you can ship your food products faster, since you get a quick approval process and at the same time saves money for the courier service, etc.

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Create Food Export Certificates digitally, while the Export Portal ensures that you always use the latest version from the official certificate databases.

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The export portal provides your company with a digital connection to E-exports and EMCS.

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The Export Portal allows you to create standard freight documents with a few clicks.

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All your export documents are saved per shipment so that they can be found quickly and easily.

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Standard integrations for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and C5.

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Try a fully digitalised workflow for 30 days free of charge

Experience all the advantages of digitalising your export processes, workflows and management of documents. It assists you and your organisation with streamlining operational processes, saving resources, and gathering everything digitally in one place. At the same time, the solution ensures full compliance with the latest standards and certificates.

  • Demonstration
    You get a 30-day trial period and a free demonstration of the Export Portal, where our consultant thoroughly instructs you on the workflow so that you get the most out of your first 30 days.

  • Optimised processes
    We show you how a digital transition creates value and optimises your current export activities.

  • Additional information
    We gladly answer all questions as well as share our knowledge regarding international trade processes, logistics and what we can offer with a total digital solution.