Transport – book your transportation services with no hidden costs or time-consuming data entry

Regardless of whether your shipments are by ship, car or plane, every aspect of the process can be arranged through The Export Portal. We have advantageous deals with leading courier and transportation services, and our integrated system ensures that your transportation booking can be made online to avoid time-consuming paperwork.

All shipments can be found in the quick overview of The Export Portal.


Save time and money on transport

Our integrated online solution ensures that you can save a vast amount of time by using our online file index or by copying data from previous shipments. The Export Portal will transfer your shipment details electronically to all relevant shipment documents and certificates without you having to retype them.

If you want to completely avoid data entry, you can transfer your details directly from business software such as SAP, NAV, C5 og AX.

Our system is integrated with all the leading shipping agents and transport services, which means that we’ll deliver your bookings digitally through EDI, XML, etc.

Book transport services digitally for control and transparency

The Export Portal provides a total solution with a full overview of all your shipments. From the overview window you can add and share all relevant documents.

You still have full control of the shipment, after its booking, from the overview window. Keep track of the status of the shipment online and update or cancel an order at all times.

Get started now – for free

Clearview Trade is an expert in trade, customs and logistics. Our goal is to simplify the processes related to export so our clients can take care of it in the least amount of time.

Creating a profile on The Export Portal is free and takes less than 10 minutes. Our payment model is based on the premise that you pay for each shipment you make.

If you’re not yet convinced that The Export Portal is the right solution for your business, try a free 30-day trial. One of our consultants will help you get started so you can make the most of your 30 days, and they will stand by to assist you during the entire trial. Click on the following link and go digital today!

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