Create food certificates digitally

As with any type of export, there are a number of rules and regulations related to exporting food. It’s the responsibility of the company exporting the foods to observe all existing rules in the receiving country.

The Export Portal is connected with official issuers of food certificates, and you can easily order your food certificate through The Export Portal.


Connected to official certificate databases

There are two types of foods to distinguish between:

  • Non-animal foods → plant-based foods.
  • Animal foods → that either consist of- or are created from animal ingredients such as meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, honey and more.

All food trade and exports must have a valid food certificate. The specific regulations and certificates vary depending on the country.

Using The Export Portal, you can create and order the specific certificates needed, digitally.

Data from your shipments and transport bookings can be automatically transferred to a food certificate. This means that you don’t have to start over every time you create a new food certificate, which can save a lot of time and data entry.

The Export Portal is connected to all official certificate databases to ensure that you always have the latest versions of each certificate.

You can either print the food certificate or send a digital application to our print service, which has same-day processing of your application.

When ordering food certificates, you can also transfer data directly from business software such as SAP, NAV, C5 og AX.

Food certificates in 20 minutes

We’re convinced that ClearView Trade holds the record for the fastest delivery of food certificates.

A large food exporter began using The Export Portal to handle their food certificates as well as their certificates of origin – 20 minutes after having placed their order, the client received a signed and approved food certificate.
The entire process was handled digitally by The Export Portal. Previously, processing would typically take 4-5 days using the conventional, manual process.
The abbreviated processing time of 20 minutes was exclusively thanks to digitalization in which The Export Portal replaced all manual processes.

ClearView Trade digitizes international export. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time and resources businesses spend on exports today, such as booking transportation and completing all relevant logistics, trade and export documents as well as food certificates and certificates of origin.

Get started digitizing your export processes in just 5 minutes!

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