Order your certificate of origin digitally

Previously, certificates of origin only existed as paper documents, but now they can also be found digitally. At present, both types are valid, but as the export industry adapts digital practices, physical documents will be a thing of the past.

Digital certificates of origin benefit both importers and exporters as they can be issued and distributed much faster than paper documents. It’s another example of the export industry going digital and thus improving the pace of the supply chain.

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Need to know about digital certificates of origin

Until now, certificates were shared between the relevant parties as paper documents, which were then shipped by a courier or a shipping agent, leading to plenty of delays and mistakes.

Now that certificates can be shared digitally, the entire flow has become more efficient and adaptable.

Technically speaking, a digital certificate of origin is a XML file, which has been stamped and signed digitally. It’s typically viewed as a PDF. To learn more about the technical aspects, read our blog post on digital certificates of origin.

The digital certificates are still making their entry in the export industry, so until the adaptation is complete, physical certificates are also valid in every country.

Any export company has to confirm whether the specific importer accepts digital certificates of origin. The only country – that ClearView Trade is aware of – not yet accepting digital certificates is Egypt.

How to order a digital certificate of origin

In order to create an optimal flow, The Export Portal is connected directly to the chambers of commerce that issue certificates of origin. Through The Export Portal, you can order and receive your certificates digitally, directly from the chambers of commerce. When a certificate of origin has been ordered, you can follow the pending process and check the status online with your certificate supplier.

When ordering a certificate through The Export Portal, you can reuse data from previous applications and enter them with just one click. Additionally, data from business systems can be transferred directly by ordering a certificate of origin and ATA Carnet. This will save businesses huge amounts of data entry, freeing up work capital which can be used elsewhere. Business software such as SAP, NAV, C5 og AX is supported.

The digital certificate makes the process – from order to completion – transparent and efficient. We recommend that your business get started with digital certificates as soon as possible in order to keep up with the digitalization of exports.

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