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This is how OK Snacks has saved 350 km of driving - and 5 hours of wasted time per week

Ease your daily work with the ClearView Trade platform

Close your eyes and imagine how liberating it would be if you could eliminate time-consuming and manual processes in a snap. Open them again and read how Lone Tranholm from OK Snacks’ everyday life has become easier by digitizing the creation and approval of food certificates.
Every time a food certificate needs to be approved, it must go through the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in physical form.

Every time. With approximately 15 certificates each month, and a distance from OK Snacks to the agency’s office in Vejen of 87.2 km, both a driver and self-driving must be involved, depending on how urgent it is.

  • OK Snacks spent several hours preparing food certificates
  • Each certificate had to be filled out manually and physically transported to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in Vejen
  • We arranged for OK Snacks to be set up on the ClearView Trade platform so they could start creating digital food certificates
  • We are also in the process of creating an ERP integration so that certificates can be filled in automatically
  • OK Snacks creates and sends food certificates in 15 min.
  • The certificates are sent to ClearView Trade’s print service in Vejen, which provides a stamp and signature from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Spent several hours making a certificate

When Lone comes to work and opens the ClearView Trade platform, it is with a clear purpose, namely, to make food certificates. Lone explains that it has become the basis for her daily work with shipments and food certificates.

The food certificates are alpha & omega in OK Snacks’ export process, because without the certificates, the goods cannot be sent to the recipient. However, the goods can only be sent when the certificates have been filled out by Lone and stamped by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, and this process was both time-consuming and inefficient before ClearView Trade came into the picture:


"Food certificates were downloaded from the DVFA's website and filled out manually, after which they were printed by a colleague, who booked another colleague to drive the certificates to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and back again. It was the same process every time - and it required the involvement of 3 people"
Lone Tranholm
Sales backup

Much faster process

The certificates must go through the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, regardless of how you choose to fill them out. However, the ClearView Trade platform allows Lone to fill in the certificates digitally, after which they are sent electronically to our print service in Vejen, which ensures that the certificates are stamped. They are then uploaded to the platform again so that Lone can use them. It is a much faster process, which offers OK Snacks a lot of savings, because transport costs both time and money:

”The old process was really heavy. The nearest office of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is in Vejen, and it’s an hour’s drive each way – so at least two hours were spent on transport alone”, says Lone Tranholm.


”Absolutely, I can only recommend it. It makes daily work easier, and it makes the whole process smoother when you have to fill in certificates. Furthermore, you know that if there is something you have just missed in a food certificate, your print service has a sharp eye and gives a call so that it can be fixed”.
Lone Tranholm
Sales backup

Creation of a physical certificate in paper form:

Creation of a certificate of origin on the platform:

Fast integration

Although OK Snacks was founded 40 years ago, they are not resting on their laurels when it comes to digitisation. The snack company has a clear digitization strategy, something that their fully automatic production line testifies to, for example. There was therefore no opposition when Lone presented the ClearView Trade platform to the export manager:

”When I presented the idea to our finance department and export manager, they said that if I thought it would make my daily work easier, then we should do it”.

Interesting case

OK Snacks is an interesting case for us to talk about, because the implementation of the platform happened almost in record time, when the snack company had first discovered our product. Lone explains that it took less than a week from the first call until she said ‘get started’ – and then she sat and created digital certificates on the platform.

Play Video about Eksport Event 2022 - OK Snacks

Significant benefits and warm recommendations

The benefits of using the digital platform are indisputable. It is both much faster to get a certificate stamped, and you can even fill in several certificates at once when you have entered the correct information. It’s a hundred times easier, Lone says.

You can also completely avoid typing if you choose to transfer data from the company’s ERP system. Information about the individual order will then be transferred directly to the platform. OK Snacks is already in the process of creating this transfer of data, so that soon Lone will be able to prepare certificates without having to enter any information. She is also very clear when we ask if she is satisfied with the platform so far:

Do like OK Snacks and make your exports more efficient

The ERP integration is undeniably the ultimate form of efficiency, as it cuts away so many unnecessary parts of document management. It removes the need to enter data manually, which at the same time eliminates the risk of typing errors on the documents. It can be expensive when a mistake is made on an export document, and it can have major consequences, a fact that you can read more about here.

We are very happy with the positive feedback, and we hope that the collaboration with OK Snacks can develop even more in the future.

Do you want to follow in OK Snacks’ footsteps and implement a digital platform to streamline your export processes? You can read more about the ClearView Trade platform here.

When we ask Lone if she has any final remarks, she has only one thing on her mind: “I’m just sorry that I didn’t know anything about ClearView Trade before“.

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