Smart Transportbooking

You get a lot of benefits when you use a dedicated digital platform to book transport. 

Overview is the main benefit when you make transport bookings on the ClearView Trade-platform. You have everything in one place, and you can share insights in real time with your partners and customers. 

Stop juggling multiple booking systems at once - gather all your bookings in one place

Book all your transport on one platform and get more time and a better overview

What is most important to you when booking transport?

If you book your transport via email and the different booking portals of the carriers, you end up with a fragmented process where neither you nor your colleagues can get a complete overview. 

You’re forced to jump back and forth between different booking systems if you use more than one carrier – and your overview suffers. 

So, book your transport on our digital platform and cut out all the hassle:

Book with all the carriers

Save your regular shipments

Get a complete overview in one place

Track your shipments in real time

Invite customers onto the platform

Automate your workflow

See how we help companies in your industry

Visit our industry pages and see how you can optimize your logistics processes with the ClearView Trade-platform. The industry pages focus on the platform’s features and how they can help different companies streamline their export processes.


Make sure your food goods are shipped on time – every time. Automation handles your health certificates for you.


Automate your health certificates and make sure that you never miss a deadline.


Do you have many small shipments that are difficult to manage? Gather all your shipments in one place.

Other industries

Automate your document handling, optimize your transport and much more.

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Tired of managing all your processes on different platforms?

The ClearView Trade-platform lets you bring all your logistics processes together in one place. 
Visit the site and discover how you can gain more time and a better overview in your everyday life.

Printing service

Tired of transporting health certificates back and forth for approval?

Discover how ClearView Trade’s printing service can make sure you never have to ship a health certificate to the Food Administration again (or pay a courier to do it).

Export certificates

Do you fill out your certificates manually and are you afraid of typing errors?

Discover how you can gather all your certificates and documents in one place and have them filled out automatically. This way you can save time and avoid the fear of typing errors.

Find out how smart transport booking gives you and your colleagues a unique overview

Feel free to book a chat with one of our specialists – free of charge. We’ll take a look at your setup and see how you can power up for an easier everyday life.

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