“It’s great that the customers are getting involved in the development”

Listen to the customers.

That was exactly the purpose of this year’s user conference in Billund (27/04 – 2022), where Palsgaard, Arla, Danish Crown and several other skilled exporters participated and shared important knowledge with each other – and with ClearView Trade.

Konferencelokale fyldt med kunder samt ansatte fra ClearView Trade

User conference – Digital Logistics #4

We are happy and proud that we were able to meet the customers/users and hear how they work with our application and get to know what they see as their future needs. They are the ones with the answers, the questions, and the challenges.

It was therefore crucial for us to be curious in order to understand the customers’ standpoints and the possible frictions they encounter in working with export and customs documents, transport bookings, etc.

The agenda offered a number of interesting angles on which customers commented eagerly. As a new feature, we had invited customers “inside” our development environment ‘Confluence’, where they could follow and comment before, during and after the conference. The many contributions from customers ensure that our development is based on their everyday lives and needs. The result was lots of concrete and constructive inputs.

According to CEO Morten Øllgaard Jensen, it is essential that the development is deeply rooted in the customers’ daily challenges:

“We’re proud that several of our biggest customers are making it a priority to send more people to the conference, so we can work together to create the best product. It’s great that they’re getting involved. It’s pure win-win. We adjust the compass so that both direction and priorities are always in line with what the market needs.”

What did the users say?

For Carina Guldhammer, Senior Specialist (Logistics) at Danish Crown, it’s about being where the action is:

“It is interesting to see how ClearView Trade’s portal is continuously evolving with more functionalities. The recent conference provided good input to take away. Always interesting to hear how other companies work with development.”

Beth Sandager, Logistics Specialist – GRAS Sound & Vibration

Beth Sandager explains that she is curious to find out what the digital platform has to offer and hear what other users have gained from using the platform. Furthermore, she hopes to be able to offer some personal input for the development:

“I’m here today to hear a bit more about what this digital platform can contribute to me and our company – and not least the other big players like Arla and Danish Crown and hear what they’ve benefited from this platform”

ClearView Trade are in close cooperation with the Danish Chambers of Commerce – including Dansk Erhverv. It was therefore nice to have participation from Legalization Consultant Lone Andersen:

“At Dansk Erhverv, it is important for us to listen to the challenges and needs of our customers. We have a close, daily collaboration with ClearView Trade, so it was important for us to participate in their user conference. It was a nice opportunity for us to fly the flag and initiate dialogues with the export companies”

Robin White, Transport Manager – Harboe Bryggerier A/S

Robin White was one of the many involved users:

“We are here because we want to share and exchange knowledge with other users in relation to the issues we may have at Harboes Breweries with automation, documentation and operational systems.”

FF Skagen had sent Controller & Logistics Manager Peter Hansen. He was, along with the other attendants, happy to be able to receive and share inputs:

”I attended ClearView Trade’s user conference to meet other users and learn about their experiences with the ClearView Trade Platform, but also to gain insights in ClearView Trade’s roadmap, and not least be able to influence it”

‘Fireplace chats’ offered a deeper sense of life and presence

We wanted to create an ‘intimate’ space where users were free to share stories, ask questions and be curious about each other’s experiences with export handling. To help find the right mindset, we mentioned the idea of ‘fireplace chats’ at the beginning of the conference – and we had also put up a screen with a faint, crackling fire that ran throughout the day.

Magnificently, it helped create a different sense of life, which offered another dynamic to the otherwise concentrated, professional talks. Good inputs were shared throughout the day.

The future is light green – and digital

The users have been heard and the team is enriched with new, valuable insights. Responsible for the conference – Poul Andersen, ClearView Trade, is a pleased man. It turned out to be exactly the success, he had hoped.

The users are happy with the digital platform. They are pleased with the savings they have achieved along with the number of reduced manual errors that they experienced earlier – and they are not least happy about the simple flows they have gained for handling export processes.

We expect the next conference to be digital – and with the same amount of enthusiasm from the users.

Thank you to all participants.

About ClearView Trade

  • We help some of Denmark’s biggest food production companies: Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen, Palsgaard, FF Skagen, etc.

  • We assist 85% of the Danish export

  • We have more than 6.000 active users on our platform

  • We help more than 4.000 export companies deliver goods all over the world

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