Why ClearView Trade?

Do you want to shorten your export processes? Save time and money? Reduce errors? Grow your business without adding resources? Create greater employee satisfaction? 

Then the way forward is to digitize- and automate your export- and logistics processes, and you can achieve this with ClearView Trade – an online platform tailored to export businesses.

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A supply chain under pressure calls for efficient solutions

As an exporter, you know how important it is to get your goods shipped- and delivered on time. Globalization places huge demands on logistics, and we need to be able to move goods around the world efficiently and smoothly. Delays cause problems, so there is no time for time-consuming manual processes, errors in export documents with major consequences in a busy day that is also challenged by scarce resources, fluctuating freight rates, turmoil in several markets, etc. 

You know how much it means to your business to be able to optimize in all corners to free up resources.

The platform helps you

A simple shortcut is to digitize- and automate your export processes. From handling documents, certificates, customs to transport bookings. That’s exactly where you can make a difference. For example, by using a platform to automate- and optimize your entire export workflow. That’s where we come in. 

The ClearView Trade-platform is tailored to exporters who want to reduce errors, eliminate manual work, create greater job satisfaction and ensure stronger competitiveness. The platform is a complete digital solution that assists from order to delivery, connecting all parties in international trade. 

We also work closely with the Danish Chambers of Commerce, and in cooperation we have introduced digital certificates of origin. This has made it possible to digitally endorse your trade documents etc. We are working to digitize export and make your business better.

Using the ClearView Trade-platform, you can minimize:

  • Errors 
  • Manual handling of documents
  • Retyping of data
  • Driving and CO2
  • Stress and insecurity for employees

“We want to be able to double the size of our business while keeping the current number of resources”

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For Group CEO Anders Brix and Palsgaard A/S it is crucial to be able to grow without adding additional resources. 

Through digitalization, the company has managed to eliminate manual processes, reduce CO2 and free up resources for other and more important tasks in the emulsifier business.

Join 3.500 other companies

When you digitize and automate, you follow in the footsteps of Grundfos, Danish Crown, Harboe Breweries, Hummel, FF Skagen and thousands of other companies. 

We have around 7.500 users on the platform today who enjoy sharing transport bookings, health certificates etc. with their customers and authorities. 

Since 2014, we have been passionate about making life easy for you as an exporter. We invest heavily in our platform to create the state-of-the-art software the logistics industry deserves. That’s why we’re on our toes, constantly monitoring developments – and of course helping to set the standard for data, processes and formats in the industry. 

Using the platform, you get access to integrations with ERP, -international carriers, -couriers, -rescue and freight forwarders, -the Danish Customs and Tax system as well as the UK customs system CDS. In short, all relevant partners. Through Artificial Intelligence, tailored filters and templates, your everyday life becomes easier and automatic. 

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Accessible- and dedicated customer service makes a difference in a busy- and demanding everyday life

No chain is stronger than its weakest link. That’s why it’s crucial for us to always provide the best customer service. Our dedicated Customer Success team ensures that you get off to a great start and that we are always available. We know what everyday life is like in the export business, where documents, certificates and transport bookings need to be handled at all times. 

The ClearView Trade-platform is well documented with video guides. It’s easy to get started – and easy to find help. Reach out if you have any doubts. You’re always welcome. 

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Book a free demo of the digital platform

Book a free demo of the ClearView Trade-platform and get a live 30-minute guided tour where you can discover the many benefits you have access to when using the platform. We focus on how to make your daily life easier, how to avoid mistakes and manual actions, among other things.